Garden table comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the garden table comparison or test 2018

  • Garden tables are available in two different versions: as a dining table for several people and as a small side table, which can be used to eat a maximum of one or two people.
  • Garden furniture is made of different materials. In addition to various types of wood (oak, eucalyptus, teak) u. a. Also, metals such as aluminum, steel or iron, plastic and even stone used in the manufacture of garden tables.
  • Many smaller models that act as a side table are collapsible. Such a folding table is usually easy to transport and stow.

Garden table comparison 2018: comparison

The garden is a resort for many Germansthat promises a change from the stresses of everyday life. In order to make their own oasis of peace as nice as possible, according to a study by the Consumption and Media Analysis VuMA approx. 26.3 million Germans are engaged in gardening at least once a month.

If you want to enjoy the peace and beauty of your own garden after work, you will need a suitable garden table and, of course, a suitable seating area such as garden armchairs or garden chairs.

For this reason, we compared the best garden tables from different brands and manufacturers in our 2018 garden table comparison. We tell you in which categories garden tables can be divided and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Garden table comparison 2018: 2018

High-quality patio furniture in the garden are a visual highlight.

1. Different garden table types

Tables for the garden are often divided into different categories. To make it easier for you to find your own garden table test winner, you will also find a corresponding classification in our garden table comparison.

Common is a classification according to different materials on the one hand and the intended use or size on the other.

1.1. material

Exotic wood for the garden

Many garden tables are now made of noble tropical hardwoods such as teak or eucalyptus. Their advantage is that they have a very high concentration of oils, which conserve the terrace furniture, durable and therefore ideal for outdoor use.

In the production of patio furniture many different materials are used. The most common ones we have put together for you here:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • iron and Steel
  • aluminum

In addition, find other materials use, eg. Rattan or various types of stone such as granite. However, these are (especially in stone tables) rather exclusive garden furniture, which are quite expensive and much rarer than patio tables made of the above materials. More detailed information on the properties of the individual materials can be found in the second chapter of our buying guide.

1.2. Usage

Depending on whether you want to buy a dining or side table for the garden, you should be aware of their special features, which we would like to introduce in the following table:

Garden table typeproperties

Garden table comparison 2018: table

  • small garden table for maximum two persons suitable is.
  • primarily suitable as a garden side table, as often too low for garden chairs
  • foldable in many cases.
  • often with round or square shape.

low weight and quite easy to transport
if at all, then a maximum of one or two people suitable

dining table

Garden table comparison 2018: garden

  • large garden table for more people suitable is.
  • ideal as a garden dining table, but also for working or for other activities
  • often hinged, but not in stone and wooden tables.
  • variable shape: from round over oval to rectangular.

suitable for more than two persons
bulky, heavy and, if not hinged, cumbersome to transport

2. Purchase criteria for garden tables

If you want to buy a dining table or side table for the garden, you should pay attention to a few criteria, which we would like to briefly introduce below.

2.1. Usage, size and shape

Garden table comparison 2018: comparison

Small, round garden table for two persons.

The use of course plays a crucial role if you want to buy a garden table. Who wants to equip his garden table with chairs, for example, to use it as a dining table, which is well advised to resort to a large table for several people.

On the other hand, if you only need one or two people for your dining table, you can also fall back on the usually cheaper side tables, which are otherwise more suitable for storing objects (eg grilled food).

Tip: Size and format are primarily a matter of taste and in the choice of a good garden table rather of secondary importance. But if you are looking for a table for several people, you will be more likely to be confronted with oval or rectangular models. If, on the other hand, you prefer a table for one or two people, you will find in the trade rather round or square shapes.

2.2. Material properties and care intensity

Whether wood, metal or plastic - not every material is equally suitable for outdoor use and there are also differences in quality.

  • Garden table comparison 2018: table

    Garden tables for several people made of wood, plastic and metal.

    Garden furniture made of woodusually make a noble and high-quality impression. They are usually stable and robust, but not particularly weatherproof and unfortunately relatively intensive care (see Chapter 3).

  • Garden tables made of plastic are extremely light and easy to transport. In addition, they are only in need of minor care. However, plastic is not very robust and not very valuable, so that plastic tables are not high quality garden furniture.
  • A metal table made of aluminum is, for example, weatherproof and rustproof. He is quite soft and flexible, which can give a cheaper impression. A big advantage of aluminum is that it is not particularly in need of care.
  • A terrace table made of steel or ironis extremely robust, but unfortunately also very heavy. As a base metal iron is also highly susceptible to rust, which is why such a table should be painted before use, or should be purchased in a painted state.

What advantages and disadvantages has a rustic wooden table for the garden opposite a plastic table, you will find compressed in the following overview:

  • Material much higher quality and noble
  • much more robust
  • usually with a more attractive appearance
  • usually much more expensive
  • more intensive care and less weatherproof
  • higher weight and therefore harder to transport

2.3. Folding and leveling

Garden table comparison 2018: comparison

A collapsible table can be easily transported and stowed.

A folding table has the advantage that it can easily be stored in narrow cellars in winter. Many side tables are foldable and easy to store. The situation is different for the larger garden dining tables for several people. In particular, wooden tables can usually not collapse.

Rather unusual for the outdoor area, however, are extending tables. Since such a mechanism undermines the robustness of the tables and reduces stability, this function is largely dispensed with in garden tables.

If it is a plastic or metal garden table, chances are good that it has a level control. In the level control, the ends of the table legs can be adjusted, so that the surface of the garden table remains level even on uneven terrain.

3. trend development

If you like the trend, you should also inform yourself about the developments in the garden furniture market, the special features and innovations. In an interview with the expert Leonard Metzner told us:

"In my view, the weather-resistant counterparts of classic indoor furniture are currently conquering the garden and the terrace. In the meantime, however, it seems that value is now being placed on more filigree looks than was often the case with the hitherto popular lounge furniture. In terms of color, pastel shades that harmonize with the natural colors in the garden should be in demand. "

Leonard Metzner,

Garden table comparison 2018: table

4. Proper care for garden tables

Depending on the material, garden tables have to be maintained with different intensity. In general, we recommend that you regularly wipe the furniture in the garden with soapy water. In order not to be unnecessarily exposed to weather conditions, the garden table should be covered with a tarpaulin during extended periods of non-use, which also prevents fading caused by UV radiation. In the cold season, it is also useful to stow the garden table in the basement, where it can hibernate well protected from frost and moisture.

Care tips for wood:In contrast to other materials, wood is very maintenance-intensive, as it can fade very quickly, for example, due to the UV rays of the sun. To prevent this, you should oil a garden furniture set (eg garden table and garden chairs) about two to three times a year. Use only species-specific oils, which are also suitable for the individual types of wood: For teak z. For example, only teak oil, for eucalyptus wood according to eucalyptus oil.

5. Questions and answers about garden tables

5.1. How much is a garden table?

A cheap garden table made of plastic can already be purchased for a few euros. However, higher quality products can be significantly more expensive, depending on the build quality, material and manufacturer. For sturdy tables made of wood or steel you have to reckon with costs between 100 and 400 euros.

5.2. Which wood is suitable for a garden table?

Garden table comparison 2018: 2018

The oily wood of the eucalyptus tree is well suited for outdoor furniture.

In general, softwoods such as spruce, Douglas fir or pine are susceptible to blueness - a bluish-gray discoloration caused by various types of fungi - and are therefore less suitable for outdoor use.

Domestic and tropical hardwoods such as oak, teak or eucalyptus, on the other hand, are less susceptible to pests thanks to their special ingredients. Thus Hardwoods are much better than conifers when properly cared for for use in the garden.

5.3. How can I build a garden table myself?

How to build your own dining table, which you can also use for the garden, is shown in the following video. All you need is:

  • Garden table comparison 2018: 2018

    With a little skill and the right tools, you can also build your garden table yourself.

    a few angle clamps

  • a cordless screwdriver
  • Accessories such as wood drills and screws
  • a few screw clamps
  • an orbital sander
  • wood glue
  • Wood repair paste
  • a spatula
  • a brush
  • wood species specific oil
  • a folding rule
  • a pencil

5.4. Did Stiftung Warentest carry out a garden table test?

Garden table comparison 2018: table

Garden furniture cushions provide a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a garden table test, but in a report dated May 30, 2002, it draws attention to the fact that garden furniture made of teakwood is compatible with the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council) should be excellent.

The FSC seal guarantees sustainable timber extraction as well as an environmentally and socially responsible way of doing business.

Tip: Those who buy teak products bearing the FSC seal can be sure that they will not participate in the uncontrolled exploitation of tropical rainforests.

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