Garden table made of pallets

Pallet furniture is experiencing a true trend. The material is cheap, robust and weather-resistant. Especially garden furniture made of pallets are therefore enjoying ever greater popularity. How to build a garden table out of pallets yourself can be found here.

Differentiation of pallets according to pallet type

Those who deal with the freight forwarding industry know that there are many transport pallets that are no longer used. But even high-quality pallets can often be purchased cheaply from a freight forwarder. It must be differentiated between different pallets:

  • euro pallets
  • One way pallets made of wood
  • Disposable pallets made of composite materials and / or plastic

Distinction of the euro pallet by state

The Euro pallet is best suited to individual projects as it always has the same basic dimensions. Even the carriers with the blocks and the number and type of screws or nails are standardized. But also the condition of the pallets is defined:

  • new Euro pallet
  • new Euro pallet
  • used and exchangeable Euro pallet
  • used or damaged and no longer exchangeable Euro pallet
  • repaired Euro pallet

Repaired and used Euro pallets

The repaired Euro pallet must be repaired by a certified company. Used Euro pallets often have the problem that they can also be very dirty. This includes chemicals, oils, etc. In general, you should keep in mind that europallets, as well as other pallets, are treated with protection against attack and fungi. A used Euro pallet or Europool pallet should therefore always be sanded well before use.

We recommend new or new pallets

Especially recommended are new or at least new Euro pallets used by the food industry. The average price is usually around 10 euros per pallet. The price is set on a daily basis as companies trade with the EPP. Especially if you want to build a garden table out of pallets, you should select and prepare the pallets used accordingly.

Ways to build a garden table out of pallets

With the design idea, there are almost no limits to the garden table made of pallets. Already two Euro pallets on each other make a first-class garden table. Then you can dress up the top. For example, with acrylic glass, a plastic plate or composite material such as MDF boards. Of course, you can also use a complete range and then use only the carrier blocks of other europallets and screw them together. Your imagination knows no bounds here.

The Euro pallet as a garden table

It always proves to be a particularly valuable tip not to place the new garden table made of pallets directly on the lowest pallet underside. Instead, you can attach wheels here to simply move the new garden table back and forth.

Keep in mind that a single Euro pallet weighs between 20 and 25 kg, depending on how wet it is. With three pallets that would be up to 75 kg. Each Euro pallet comes in the following dimensions (length x width x height): 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm.

At the garden table height, it also depends on your individual ideas. For a low lounge table, the height of two Euro pallets is sufficient, while a conventional garden table starts at a height of 60 cm, which would correspond to four pallets in height.

Unlimited construction projects with pallets

The Internet has many pages devoted to the construction of garden tables, other garden furniture and even pallet furniture. The use of pallets and explicitly of europallets requires all your creativity and offers a literally unique piece of furniture.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not like the idea of ​​a garden table made of pallets, why not just build a beer table and beer benches after presenting marquee or beer table sets? Here you will find a suitable guide to DIY from a beer table.

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