A garden wall as property boundary: These prices are waiting for you!

A garden wall limits the property in a clearly visible way - but it should also look nice. Where are the prices?

Cost factors for the garden wall: That you should take into account!

The final cost for the garden wall consists of several price components, which you should consider in your calculation. Many of the items on our list are optional, select the items that are relevant to you:

  • First of all, your garden wall needs a secure, at least 20 cm deep foundation of sand, gravel or concrete. Calculate material and wages.
  • If the floor is very impermeable, you should create a drainage system so that your foundation is not underwent. This too is reflected in the final price.
  • To strengthen your foundation, it is best to use a rammer or a vibrating plate. These devices can be rented for a fee in the hardware store.
  • The prices for bricks are very different: concrete, artificial stone and natural stone to choose from. But the price range for natural stones is surprisingly large, concrete and artificial stone are usually priced lower.
  • Calculate also some bags of stone mortar as well as possible grout.
  • You may need to purchase some masonry tools, such as trowels and mortar, to do the work yourself.
  • If you have your garden wall built by a specialist, of course, the wages will be added to the total price.
  • Do you want a green wall? You should also include planting stones and the associated plants in your calculation.

The prices for different types of stones

A garden wall of gray concrete blocks with a height of up to 1.20 m will cost you around 50 to 100 EUR per square meter. In addition there are the costs for the bricklayer and about 100 EUR per running meter for the foundation.

The prices for a drywall garden wall in relation to the material are approximately between 80 and 180 EUR per ton. Processed natural stones can also cost more than 200 EUR per ton.

Price example for a garden wall made of natural stone

A property owner can build a natural stone wall. This is 1.20 m high and 10 m long. The individual prices in his invoice look like this:

Cost overviewprice
1. Concrete foundation including wages900 EUR
2. 3.5 t natural stones1,250 EUR
3. bricklaying1,150 EUR
total3,300 EUR

Thought of wall cover?

Do you need a wall cover for rain protection? Special cover plates ensure that your wall does not erode so quickly. Inform yourself before the start of the work!

Tips & Tricks

Plan a possible wall greening in advance! For dry stone, for example, planting the joints looks very good.

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