Design a garden wall

The garden is experiencing a new renaissance in Germany. In times of intensified urbanization, many people are completely new to nature. What is right in the trend: the design with naturalness and originality mediating accents. Especially the garden wall offers a lot of potential here. Afterwards, we would like to share with you some ideas on how to make your garden wall as an eye-catcher, which fits harmoniously into the overall picture of your garden.

The modern garden

The Germans have literally rediscovered the garden. For many people, it is the compensation for the ever-faster everyday carousel. Accordingly, for most people, the garden should above all be an oasis of calm and contemplation - or, in terms of vocabulary, "decelerate". The special thing about it: there are so many materials and building materials that every garden can be exceptionally individualized. Especially with the example of the garden wall, this becomes clear quickly.

The design of the garden wall also addresses their tasks

At first, however, the garden wall also has very different tasks, which vary in severity:

  • privacy
  • weather protection
  • while explicitly windbreak
  • while explicitly sunscreen
  • soundproofing
  • creating different levels (example raised bed)
  • Delimitation path to garden areas
  • Demarcation plot
  • as a slope support
  • for terracing

Materials for the garden wall

This not only results in different requirements. Also, the material from which you design your garden wall, can or must be adjusted accordingly. Here are again different materials into consideration:

  • metals
  • Artificial stone (bricks, bricks, concrete blocks, etc.)
  • Natural stone (granite, slate, limestone and sandstone, marble, boulders, etc.)
  • Wood
  • Combinations of the above materials

Decorate garden walls of metal

Metal is mainly used in combination with other materials. Particularly popular is artificially corroded metal, here explicitly the rust of iron. These can be wrought iron, but also iron plates with corresponding accents - for example, with cut shapes.

Sculptural and artificial stone garden walls

Also trendy are sculptural garden walls. Here mostly artificial stones like concrete blocks are used, which are often even extra cast in the desired shape. This allows very sophisticated, individual and modern garden design ideas to be implemented.

The absolute classics, however, include natural stone walls. Often these are set as a drywall. Because these natural stone walls have other advantages. This way, such a stone wall can be planted and a wonderful biotope can emerge.

Special features of bricked natural stone walls

Of course, you can also wall a natural stone wall. However, some special expertise is required here. Especially the construction of a sandstone wall or the Plexiglas are not only for home improvement particularly demanding work.

Design gabions as special garden walls

Another highlight for creating a garden wall can be achieved with gabions. Gabions are today metal cages that you can fill with natural stones. There are hardly any limits to the shape of gabions. You can also use them as retaining walls as well as privacy screens or just pure garden walls. Under "Stone walls as fence" we offer you comprehensive information about these gabions.

Garden walls offer plenty of space for your own ideas

So you see, it does not always have to be the "traditional" concrete stone wall, which is then plastered and painted gray or white. Rather, the retailer offers so many design options that the selection is already really difficult.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that in the middle of your property and in the middle of your garden you have to pay attention to the numerous requirements of various building law regulations. These include in particular the state building regulations, the border development in particular, but also under the aspect of neighborhood laws in the Civil Code, also the development plan must be observed. Also, when designing your garden wall, remember that static calculations by the expert are to be carried out from a height of 2 m ( Structural engineer, architect).

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