Greening the garden wall - that's the way it works best

Walls can sometimes seem a bit dull and empty. Greening does not only give a garden wall a visually more diversified image but also helps to integrate it even more harmoniously into the garden. What you can do for greening and what you have to look out for, you can find out here.

facade garden

A so-called "facade garden" represents a fully greened wall surface. This can also be achieved with garden walls and also later. But what matters is how the garden wall is constructed.

There are differences

  • Walls with closed joints
  • Gabions and
  • dry stone walls

Greening walls with closed joints

Here it can be advantageous to focus on "autoimmers". These types of climbing plants do not need any climbing aids. Self-climmers are for example the ivy or the often used climbing spindle. Unlike the ivy, it grows stronger and therefore offers a much more varied picture on the wall.

Before you use these climbing plants, you should always make sure that

  • the wall crown is sealed very well
  • the joints are completely intact
  • the wall has no damage

Greening at Gabions

In gabions, climbing plants can be used, which need trellises. You can either use the existing grid of the Gabionenkorbs as a climbing aid, or simply attach additional climbing aids there with ropes. Then on the gabion also the wild vine or the true grape wine grows very well.

But watch out for possible contact corrosion on the ropes and always use suitable materials. You can also attach the ropes with rope anchors that you put in mortar (mortar several stones, put rope anchors in the mortar between them)

Plant dry stone walls

Dry stone walls are best planted during construction. Fill mother earth into the butt joints and into the bed joints. On dry stone walls, many other plants thrive.

Tips & Tricks

By planting dry stone walls become more stable and sustainable. The greening also has a static additional benefit here. More on planting dry stone in this article.

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