Paint garden wall

Who wants to paint his garden wall, has in the majority of cases a concrete surface or a wood paneling as a substrate. The painting of a garden wall must be weather-resistant and should tolerate UV light as possible without fading. The quality of the color is crucial.

Exact stock check

Who wants to beautify his garden wall, can often achieve this by a new coat of paint. A good indication of how the embellishment can be sustainable, offers the state of the previous color. Any chipped and peeled spots should be scrutinized. Cracks and brittleness also provide important information.

In particular, in walls in which the strike of concrete blocks is obtained, opaque acrylic paints are less recommended than special concrete glazes. Concrete is, like wood, open-pored and the durability of the paint or glaze is achieved essentially by penetration. Depending on the condition of the garden wall, you should generally carry out a stock check, just like painting walls.

To paint your garden wall

  • Concrete or wood primer
  • Concrete or wood glaze
  • brush
  • paint roller
  • Abstreichgitter
  • paint bucket
  • wire brush
  • cleaning rags
  • Sandpaper 150 grit
  • Tarpaulin, parasol or similar

1. Prepare the surface

Remove loose paint completely and clean the surface of all residues including dust. Make sure your garden wall is dry from the inside out. Sand the surface lightly with coarse sandpaper (grit 150).

2. Protect the workplace

If your garden wall is under trees, next to large bushes or in a wind-prone position, use a protective sail made of plastic tarpaulins or parasols to protect the board from airborne dirt.

3. Priming

Apply the primer once or several times to the garden wall according to the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on the outside temperature, always allow at least 24 hours before the first strike.

4. Swipe

Stir the glaze according to the manufacturer's instructions and stroke your garden wall quickly and evenly from top to bottom. Repeat the stroking at least three times. A light sanding between the strokes increases the durability. Remove the sanding dust with a damp cloth.

Tips & Tricks

Do not save on the color. Many manufacturers give shelf-life guarantees for products that can cost as much as ten liters over one hundred euros. A new coat of paint in the following year is usually more expensive.

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