Garden wall: which height is allowed?

Again and again there are uncertainties and possibly disputes with the neighbors when it comes to how high a garden wall may be. Which specifications apply to where legal limits are and what you have to consider everything, you will learn in this post.


The maximum height of a wall is not uniform throughout Germany, There are different regulations for this.

First of all, you have to distinguish between walls inside the garden or one Wall at the property boundary.

Walls inside the garden

Here the state building regulations of the individual federal states apply. The maximum height is not the same everywhere. In principle, however, you can assume that walls of more than 1.80 meters in height as well as everywhere are subject to approval.

In addition to the applicable state building regulations, municipalities may issue separate, additional regulations (for example, in the local development plan). For example, a wall in Munich may only be 1.50 m high.

Walls at the property boundary

For walls on the property boundary, the requirements of neighboring law apply. A neighboring right exists in every state, except in

  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Hamburg and
  • Bremen

Neighboring legislation regulates various requirements with regard to land walls, enclosures and hedges. Basically, in most federal states, walls on the property boundary (as a so-called enclosure) must be at least 1.20 m high and not more than 1.80 m high.

But this can be slightly different depending on the state. The usually required distance from the property boundary is 50 cm. In addition to the regulations of neighboring law, even more extensive municipal regulations can come here.

Agreement of the neighbor

In most federal states the neighbor must be consulted when building a wall on the property boundary. With his consent may then be built higher.

However, if the neighbor has objections - perhaps because a wall casts too much shade on his property - these objections must be considered.

local custom

An important aspect is the so-called "local custom". Municipalities can either prohibit enclosures that are not considered to be local, or provide them with special requirements. In many cases, neighbors also have a right of objection to unsealed enclosures.

Tips & Tricks

For safety's sake, always ask the local building authority for the construction of the wall in accordance with the applicable regulations. There you will also learn whether your wall may require approval.

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