Store gas bottle in winter and use

In general, storing a gas bottle in winter is no more dangerous than in any other season. The content contracts and thus creates a harmless negative pressure. However, it affects the usability. In order to be able to use the gas cylinder even in frosty temperatures, propane gas instead of butane must be selected.

Properties of butane and propane

In the general safety rules regarding the storage of a gas cylinder, an external storage location is the most important prerequisite. Gas cylinders are in principle frost-resistant. If the gas cylinder is to be used, for example during winter camping, filling with "winter gas" is recommended. This is propane gas, which is "stretched" with a maximum of ten percent butane content.

Propane liquefies from minus 42 degrees Celsius. Butane changes its state already a few degrees below freezing point of water. This liquefaction is not dangerous, but prevents its use. Butane is valued for its high calorific value. If a winter use of the gas cylinder is planned, it should be waived.

Add heat and adjust consumption

If the gas bottle feeds a welder or other pressure-sensitive consumer, the pressure drop may limit or prevent its use. In the common measure to put the gas cylinder in a vessel with warm water, a freezing of the water must be avoided by appropriate replacement intervals.

In addition to the acting outside temperature, the system-inherent cooling comes with the gas extraction. The more gas is taken off, the more heat is removed from the gas cylinder. The non-hazardous operation can cause a valve or reducer to freeze. The effect decreases as the size of the gas cylinder increases.

Risk of valve and occlusion

As in any other season, the critical point on a gas cylinder is the valve. Regulator, if necessary, the indicating instrument and the screw connection must be tight. While a resulting layer of ice on the outer wall of the bottle is normal and harmless, the icing of the fittings should be counteracted immediately. Several possibilities are applicable:

  • The gas bottle is disposed of
  • The gas cylinder is replaced
  • On the gas cylinder a special heating attachment from the camping equipment is mounted

Tips & Tricks

If you combine two gas cylinders in parallel with a pressure reducer, you can distribute the freezing effect and get a longer useful life.

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