Weigh a gas cylinder to check the level

The easiest way to accurately determine the level of a gas bottle is to weigh the bottle. Since the weight is in the scale range of a normal personal or luggage scale, the appropriate aid is present in almost every household anyway. For a slightly coarser level detection, there is an alternative.

Weight values ​​and calculation path

Before a barbecue or a camping tour, it is important to be clear about the level of the gas cylinder in order to plan accordingly. Simplified is the method of weighing by the mandatory information that must be present on each gas cylinder. The tare weight of the gas cylinder must be indicated for the punched stampings or on the stamped metal plate. It is important not to confuse it with the filling weight, which is also indicated. The tare weight is usually near the expiration date.

Tare weight is the total weight of the "packaging". It also includes the valve fitting. When weighing, this value must be deducted from the determined weighing result in order to determine the content. The calculation method is simple:

1. Weighed weight minus tare weight gives the gas weight
2. The gas weight is divided by the maximum fill weight to determine the percentage fill level

Typical calculation example:
1. Total weight eight kilograms minus tare weight five kilograms equal to three kilograms of residual gas.
2. Three kilograms divided by six kilograms maximum fill weight equals twenty percent.

If a gas bottle is to be returned or replaced, fill levels below ten percent are recommended.

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A gas bottle is easy to weigh with a luggage scale in which it is hung instead of the luggage. Care must be taken on a bathroom scale that the body of the bottle is not supported and thus "relieved". In practice, an oblique placement on the lower edge is well feasible. The holding hands may support the gas cylinder only in the horizontal direction so that it does not fall over.

Tips & Tricks

For a greater control of the level without weighing, you can buy a magnetic indicator card. In several tabular scales, it visually displays the fill level that matches the respective outside temperature using color fields.

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