Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity

Gas radiators are usually the first choice for outdoor heating in the garden: Electrically operated heaters let the electricity meter rotate, Infrator heater are usually not very cheap and the installation a bit more complicated - and above all you need an external power connection.

Gas heaters are quite different: limitless mobility, sometimes very compact in construction and extremely powerful, they give heat where it is needed - on the construction site, at the flea market stall, in the workshop.

Gas radiators do not even have to be ugly: there are definitely Models with aesthetic appeal, We show you the best.

Gas heater in the test overview

Einhell HGG110Gas tec 31002Pyramid Gas heaterLandmann-gas heaterEinhell KGH4200
Power (max.)11.2 kW4.2 kW9.3 kW12 kW4.2 kW
Weight (empty)5.7 kg4 kg27 kg19 kg14 kg
Consumption (g / h)about 815about 334about 650about 1000about 300
priceabout 91 €about 43 €about 340 €about 169 €about 92 €

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: test

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: electricity

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: electricity

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: radiator

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: heating

Gas radiator Einhell HGG 110 stainless steel

The Einhell HGG 110 Niro not only looks like a jet engine, It also heats up like this: With a powerful fan, which requires an additional power connection, it also heats up large halls and rough buildings very quickly.

Power is also the consumption: The "blowpipe" chases 810 grams of gas per hour through the nozzles.

Positive to note, however, is the automatic shutdown in case of overheating, the reliable piezo ignition and the extremely compact and high-quality construction - this device takes up little space in the garage or shed and is also pretty light without a bottle.

Due to the blower, the HGG 110 works quite well, at one Chamber concert he would rather attract attention.

The barn party or the topping will be fast and comfortable heated.

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: electricity

Einhell HGG 110: Pros and Cons


  • compact
  • light
  • powerful


  • Power supply needed
  • high consumption
  • noise

Gas heater Gas-tec 31002

"Keep it simple" could be the title for this device: It could not be much simpler. The Gas-tec 31002 is simply powered by a small frame screwed on a gas cylinder and heats then, piezo-ignited, with 4.0 kW in the desired direction.

As simple as the device is, so cheap is its price: Much cheaper you can not get a gas. For Flea market stall and construction site perfectly suitableHowever, something else is recommended for heating rooms, as the heat is given off with a strong directivity.

The consumption is with about 334 g / h but pleasingly low - even if it is even more efficient for the same performance.

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: heating

Of course, there is not much to say about the design of the device: Nice is different, but it is functional and one homey, red infrared lighting is also from the heater out.

Gas-tec 31002: pros and cons


  • price
  • good directional heat output
  • favorable consumption


  • "Design"
  • bad all-round effect

Gas radiator stainless steel pyramid

Undoubtedly an eye-catcher: Who heats his garden with this blazing pyramid, sets a visual highlight with ancient Egyptian touch. Unfortunately, beautiful design has its price: With about 340 euros is the Gas radiator pyramid with the spectacular torch effect certainly not a bargain.

Worth the criticism, despite the beautiful design, is unfortunately the heat output: Im Compared to conventional, boring heater mushrooms if this is considerably lower, combustion by the open flame is not as efficient.

This expresses itself of course also in the gas consumption of 650 g / h - for 9.3 kW heating power no outstanding value.

What the security conscious, TÜV-spoiled German customers should also be a little disturbing is the lack of manufacturer's name, no reference to DIN standards and only a CE marking - in a device of this price, customers should expect more information.

Gas radiator pyramid: pros and cons

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: test


  • design
  • optical effects


  • unclear origin
  • missing DIN / TÜV information
  • price
  • Heating power / consumption

Gas heater Landmann 12016 5-12kW

Heated mushrooms have a hard time, but can prevail: In times of Climate change is putting environmentalists at their fingertipsYet, you multiply magnificently.

This Landmann device, for us in this test deputy for one whole type of Gasheizpilzen, steplessly heats from 5 to 12 kW a fairly large radius, sufficient for example for several tables in the autumn street café.

A positive aspect of the farmer is his strong heating effect. Negative factors are the dimensions, but unfortunately also the price and consumption in particular A full kilo of gas flows through the nozzles per hour of the ravenous mushroom - with a 5 kg gas cylinder can be no evening survive.

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: radiator

No question: Not just a climate-friendly plant, even if it has to be stowed, it turns out to be extremely bulky. Especially the Consumption, however, gives reason to shake your head - it is also more efficient.

Heated mushroom Landmann 12016: pros and cons


  • strong performance over large area
  • easy handling


  • consumption
  • purchase price
  • bulky

Gas burner ceramic burner Einhell KGH-4200

Looks like an oven, but it is a gas blaster: With the Einhell KGH 4200 you get the most technically sophisticated device from our test collection home. That only in good ventilated rooms usable device can be used on the terrace as well as in the car screwdriver garage.

In three stages of 1.6 over 2.8 to 4.2 kW controllably heats the Katalyt ceramic burner Even at freezing temperatures reliable rooms on tolerable temperatures on.

The device is also quite compact and economical: with 300 g per hour is the most efficient in the test. The heat generated is quite considerable, the device is also affordable - a clear recommendation.

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: radiator

Katalyt ceramic burner Einhell KGH 4200: Pro and Contra


  • good heat output
  • economical consumption
  • compact
  • for sure
  • also for interiors (with ventilation)


  • can only be used in ventilated rooms
  • Directivity of outdoor heating power

Gas radiator comparison winner and conclusion

If you need to heat the garden, then you should in the face of dwindling commodities and the climate crisis do it sparingly: For this reason, too, we have opted for the Einhell KGH 4200.

Compact, inexpensive and three-stage adjustable he has with one Consumption of 300 grams of gas per hour clearly ahead of us.

On the other hand, they were disputabler all consumptions from 1000 g per hour, especially if they are only in the operating instructions were announced.

Even if the heat output is enormous: You should be able to get by with 5 kg of gas for more than 5 hours. From the energetic point of view, that too was Concept of pyramid unconvincing: The open flame loses too much heat energy - even if it is protected by a glass tube.

Our Buy recommendation: Einhell KGH 4200.

Gas jet price-performance winner

Gas radiator test: external heating without electricity: electricity

If es is all about heating, it is completely sufficient: The gas tec 31002 gas radiator is unrivaled cheap, compact and fast.

Especially for the commercial use or heating of market stalls and the like, it is perfect.

Also, the consumption is fine - who does not value design and only little space in the basement or shed is also well served in the garden with the Gas-tec 31002. Good performance for little money.

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