Gas fired heating - prices during conversion and reinstall

Especially with existing gas connection and existing gas heating, gas condensing systems are a much more cost-effective alternative. What capital investment is required in each case, and what effects on the operating costs you can expect, read here.

Installation effort for gas condensing systems

Gas fired heaters do not require a chimney - meaning they are also suitable for homes that do not have a usable fireplace. Since the waste heat from the combustion is also fully utilized, a chimney is superfluous.

However, what you need is a wastewater connection: Gas fired heating systems produce a lot of condensate, which has to be drained into the sewage system. This can cause additional costs.

The prices for a gas condensing boiler are approximately in the order of about 4,500 to about 8,000 euros. A conversion to condensing technology is possible in some cases, but usually boilers should be exchanged anyway, if they run for several years, from 15 years of operation, a replacement is then advisable in any case.

The installation costs depend mainly on the local conditions. Above all, the complete reinstallation can often entail a considerable cost.

Investment versus cost reduction

Switching a well-functioning gas heater to a new gas fired heating system can reduce costs by as much as 10 to 20 percent, up to 30 percent on old heaters that need to be overhauled anyway.

The acquisition costs for a condensing boiler therefore pay off in the foreseeable future. However, if you expect a longer period of time, you must always take into account the price increases for gas. The evolution of gas prices is often relatively parallel to oil prices.

Superior before reinstalling

Heating with gas as fossil fuel is not forward-looking and not very sustainable - despite the high efficiency of condensing boilers. Therefore, consider whether you do not want to rely on more sustainable and ecological forms of heating - such as biomass or a combined heat and power plant.

Tips & Tricks

When comparing costs with ecological alternatives, always take into account the funding opportunities that are offered. In particular, plants with combined heat and power (CHP) are promoted particularly high, in addition comes the complete energy-related independence of all networks. There is also considerable funding for biomass. Compare also here in the long term, in terms of price stability for many environmental fuels.

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