Gas prices: Tariff calculator and saving tips for gas in the household

A change of provider can be worthwhile

Gas prices: Tariff calculator and saving tips for gas in the household: prices

The advertising reminds us daily in memory: Since the opening of the gas market is also in things Compare gas prices hip, trendy, popular.

But as the choice of gas suppliers seems to be almost unlimited from the urban provider to the gas from the neighboring country, many are shying away from the provider comparison. And lose cash - up to 25 percent cost savings makes a provider change possible. Price comparison and provider change last only five minutes.

Find out about options and risks below.

Switch with the gas price tariff calculator

With a tariff calculator, you can compare the gas prices of more than 700 gas providers and more than 7000 tariffs in a matter of minutes in a neutral, non-binding and free way, thus paving the way through the tariff jungle.

Everyone, one own gas meter in his house or apartment has, can switch providers. However, tenants of apartments whose energy costs are allocated by the landlord to all parties, should make their landlord aware of the possibility of switching providers.

Only the postal code, the annual consumption of gas and the heat output - is on the last annual bill - must be entered in the tariff calculator. And you get a list of the cheapest providers. All gas prices include all taxes and fees. Likewise, they also consider short-term offers.

If they have then compared all gas prices, and have opted for a provider, the change is nothing in the way. Fast and free is the change of providers on the stage. After they have signed the bill of exchange, their new provider even takes over the cancellation at their old gas supplier at the earliest possible date. After six to ten weeks delivery will be made by the new supplier.

And do not worry: during the change they never run the risk of being a gas supplier. The local gas supplier is required by law to supply them with gas. Technically speaking, there is also no change in their supply provider: gas pipelines and gas meters are provided by their local suppliers.

Gas saving tips for the household

Gas prices: Tariff calculator and saving tips for gas in the household: tips

If you have already switched to a cheaper gas supplier, you can still restrict your gas consumption with little effort - without sacrificing your usual comfort - and thus lower the gas bill. Here eight tips for the household:

  1. Heating: Provided radiators are among the biggest cost earners in the household. Curtains and bulky furniture in front of the heater prevent even air circulation. It comes to heat accumulation and the air can not be warmed up evenly. And: do not forget to vent!
  2. Insulation: Both the walls behind the radiator and all windows in the living area should be well insulated. Thus, only a little warm air penetrates outside and they do not heat "for the road".
  3. Ventilation: "Blowing off" is the magic word for economical use of heating energy. Tilt windows should be avoided, especially in winter. Instead, ventilate twice a day for 10 minutes with the window wide open.
  4. Temperature: Any degree too much costs six percent of energy. That's why: The 22 Grand is enough. In the bathroom it may be a bit warmer, in the bedroom a little colder.
  5. Herd: Not only professional chefs like Tim Mälzer and Co. swear by their gas stove. Is it much more efficient than an electric cooker? Nevertheless, you should make sure that the pot fills the entire stove.
  6. Laundry: If you like your clothes and towels soft and fluffy, in whose household a clothes dryer may not be missing. Particularly energy-saving are devices with gas burner or heat pump.
  7. Water: Gas is much cheaper than electricity in providing warm water. And: showering not bathing - that saves energy.
  8. Holiday: Even in the most beautiful time of the year you should not completely lose sight of the gas prices. Who leaves his apartment for a longer period, should turn off his heating. Likewise, if you leave the house for a few hours during the day. Then it makes sense to reduce the temperature control by two to three degrees.

Tips for the gas provider change

If you then compared all providers, you should note the following points before concluding the contract with the new gas supplier:

Gas prices: Tariff calculator and saving tips for gas in the household: tips

  1. Contract period: The shorter the contract period, the more flexible you are as a customer.
  2. Notice period: What deadlines do you have to observe when canceling?
  3. Contract renewal: By which period does the contract automatically renew after the expiry of the first contract term?
  4. Does the provider grant a price guarantee? With price guarantees you secure a price for a fixed term.
  5. Does the provider require a special discount?

If you want to stay flexible, you should give preference to providers with a short contract period and a short notice period.

The consumer center Baden-Württemberg warns of fixed price contracts.

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