Gas stove - set flame?

If flames do not burn properly, or hiss properly, this can be an adjustment problem, among other things. What can be done in this case, and what possibilities there are, this article reveals.

Regulation of the gas flame

A gas flame is regulated by the amount of effluent gas in its strength. This works via the regulator on the gas stove. The higher the selected level, the more gas will flow out and the higher and hotter the flame will be.

When converting the gas range to propane gas, this temperature control may not work properly. In this case, this is usually a sign that the nozzles do not fit optimally. So you definitely need the customer service, preferably the one who has done the conversion.

Set the amount of air

If flames do not burn enough or look "dirty", you can also contact Customer Service. In this case, there may be a problem with the set air quantity at the nozzles.

The technician can easily adjust the amount of air on most burner models. There are settings inside the burner. Then the flame usually burns clean and without problems.

The opposite problem can also occur. If the flame burns too high and makes hissing noises, too much air is set for the nozzles. Ideally, the flame should burn as nearly as possible without noise.

Set the air volume yourself

Under no circumstances should you try to adjust the air flow regulator yourself. Disassembling the burner can be extremely dangerous if you do not have enough expertise. In addition, in some burner models after opening live parts are exposed, where you can get a dangerous electric shock when you touch them.

Tips & Tricks

Usually it is not necessary to adjust the air volume at the domestic stove. The pre-defined settings are generally exactly matched and suitable. In very rare cases, the problem may occur. Always contact a specialist company.

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