Retrofitting a gas stove - is this possible?

Some are inspired by professional chefs and also want a gas stove in their kitchen. Whether you can also retrofit a gas stove, if there is no gas connection and how to do it, you will find out in detail in this post.

Install gas stove later

Even if there is no gas connection, you can install a gas stove to take advantage of cooking with gas. You can then operate the gas stove instead of natural gas with liquid gas.


For LPG either a gas cylinder or a gas tank is needed. Cooking with a gas cylinder is not widespread in Germany, but in France, for example, quite common. While cooking with butane is used in Germany as LPG propane gas. The difference is irrelevant.

Necessary for installation

If you only want to cook with gas, a gas tank is not worth it for. A 11 kg gas bottle already enough for a few months to cook. A maximum of 16 kg gas bottles are allowed in kitchens of private homes.

For installation, the following must be tackled:

  • It must be procured a liquefied gas stove, or a natural gas stove to be converted
  • it must be made a connection to the gas cylinder and a location for the gas cylinder
  • if necessary, the plastic surface of the kitchen furniture must be checked for suitability (must be heat-resistant up to at least 130° C)
  • between stove and kitchen furniture a suitable heat protection strip must be attached
  • adjacent areas (eg tall cabinet, fume hood) must be checked for compliance with the required minimum clearances

Separate hob

As already known from the two-flame, folding camping cookers ago, you can also simply set up a separate hob. This offers above all there a possibility, where still no kitchen is present, or where only little is cooked and little space is available.

However, the corresponding safety regulations and minimum distances must be adhered to in this case as well. Lack of caution can lead to severe fires here!

Tips & Tricks

When replacing gas cylinders, it is very important to be extremely careful. You should still check the connection to the stove a second time for leaks and always turn off the gas cylinder completely when not in use. In a rented apartment, always check first whether your rental agreement permits the operation of LPG equipment at all.

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