Gas stove - properly clean cast iron stove parts

Especially the cast-iron parts in the gas stove always make cleaning problems. What tools work, and how to get the best cast iron grates clean, you can read in detail in this post.

Basic cleaning

A general cleaning can easily be done with sponge (coarse side) and detergent. The cast iron parts can be cleaned so easily and thoroughly.

If the parts are cleaned regularly, and the cleaning is not postponed for weeks, usually no difficult to remove soils.

Coarse or burned soiling

Coarser soiling can be easily eliminated even with coarser means such as a steel sponge. This also helps with soiling that has already burned in.


If the incrustations are particularly persistent, it helps to soak the parts for several hours or overnight. The longer it is soaked, the better it will remove soiling. For more thorough soaking, you can also add dishwasher tablets. As a result, dirt is dissolved even better.

Fatty contamination

To dissolve greasy, tough soiling after cooking, you can use special grease-dissolving cleaners. Grease dissolves particularly well when you insert the parts in hot soda solution. After that, greasy soiling can usually be easily brushed off.

For greasy soiling are particularly suitable:

  • hot soda solution
  • Grease remover and power cleaner
  • hot water with dishwasher tabs

Only acidic cleaners must not be used with cast iron.

Cleaning in the dishwasher

Although a cleaning of the cast-iron parts in the dishwasher is basically possible, it will usually bring only little success. Subsequent thorough scrubbing of the parts is in most cases just as necessary as cleaning by hand.

Tips & Tricks

The best way to prevent pollution is, of course, to avoid boiling over as much as possible. Then there is no dirt. Therefore always use sufficiently large pots and if possible use a lid when frying.

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