Gas stove - which level?

Not all gas stoves have an electric oven. In many appliances, not only the hobs, but also the oven are operated with gas. The missing information about the temperature of the oven often confuse, as in recipes not levels, but temperatures are given. Which level means which temperature, you therefore clearly shows this contribution.

Water heaters

With the gas oven there is, unlike the electric oven, no temperature indication on the switches. Only "levels" are given. An estimation therefore requires some experience.

The following table gives references for the oven

Gas oven stagecorresponds to approx. temperature
1about 140° C
2about 160° C
3about 180° C
4about 200° C
5about 220° C
6about 240° C
7about 260° C
8about 280° C

minimum temperature

A gas oven thus has at least a temperature of 140 - 150° C during operation. Lower temperatures are not possible with standard devices.

However, the following temperature classification does not apply to modern gas ovens, which are provided with a clocking. By clocking (interrupted, clocked operation) even temperatures of only 75° C at the lowest level possible. However, this type of timing - and also the minimum temperature - may be different for individual oven models.

The grading is then correspondingly different, and must be taken from the instruction manual of the hearth, or be inquired at the dealer or manufacturer.

English herd

Gas stoves in the Anglo-Saxon area usually have a twelve-step subdivision. The temperature is measured there in Fahrenheit, accordingly, the grading is based on the Fahrenheit system.

The temperature range in this case is between 275° F (about 150° C) and 550° F (about 280° C). The temperature steps are from step to step 25° F. 200° C (= 400° F) are thus achieved at level 6 in such a gas oven.

Tips & Tricks

Since the heat develops very quickly in a gas oven, it is often possible to dispense with preheating - with electric cookers, however, instructions should always be followed exactly. Often there is also an indication of the respective stage and time in the gas range for ready meals (pizza). This information may differ slightly from the corresponding degrees for the electric range. But they are mostly reliable.

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