Gas stove - what prices do you have to expect?

If you are planning to buy a new gas stove, of course you are also concerned about the prices. What a gas stove can cost, what price differences there are, and what determines the price, you can read in detail in this post.

Basic price categories

Simple basic devices

Simple stoves (not suitable for installation) are often already very cheap, usually already from 300 EUR. The ovens are usually electrically operated with simple appliances, but can also be gas-powered, especially for brand appliances.

In general, such basic appliances have 4 cooktops, one of which is a "strong burner" (around 2,5 kW power) and one is a "fuel burner" (about 1 kW power). The other two fields are in between.

Higher quality devices

These devices are priced from around 600 EUR upwards. High quality materials (enamel, stainless steel) are often used here. From this price range, appliances can also be 5-flames or 6-flames, often there is - optional - also a wok-trough, where you can cook with woks with traditional round bottom.

The oven is often in this class of equipment also a gas grill. However, it can occasionally be present even with cheaper variants already.

Gastro devices

Gas stoves for the gastro area start priced at around 1,200 EUR. However, they can easily cost up to 3,000 EUR or 4,000 EUR if they are equipped accordingly. Gastro appliances are usually wider and almost always 6-burner and often 90 cm wide.

As a rule, these devices are made of stainless steel. This has hygienic reasons, since in the catering sector surfaces must be easy and thoroughly clean. Some models also have several ovens.

Ongoing cost savings

As a rule, there are hardly any repair costs for gas stoves. They are sturdy and durable. Also, a maintenance is not required. The main costs are therefore the gas costs of consumption. Even in a household with a family of four and daily cooking, the consumption costs are barely over 50 EUR per year.

Tips & Tricks

If one were to use the same amount of energy in the electric range, the energy costs would be more than four times higher.

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