Gas stove - what maintenance is required?

For gas heaters, regular maintenance is generally recommended. There are even maintenance contracts. Which maintenance, however, the gas stove needs, and what is crucial, you can read in this article.

maintenance tasks

Gas stoves are extremely robust devices with comparatively simple technology. Maintenance is not required with the gas stove because there is nothing to maintain. Functional failures are also very rare, so that repairs are hardly incurred.

Maintenance by the specialist company

Occasionally, if you buy a gas stove, "maintenance" at regular intervals with the same offered. These maintenance can easily be omitted. They do not increase security.

Own "inspection"

One can - in addition to the regular cleaning even occasionally even make a small "inspection":

  • The gas hose must not be twisted or bent and must look undamaged
  • The hose should be protected from excessive heat and waste heat
  • the air supply should be clean and dust-free (otherwise the performance of the gas stove will decrease and the risk of incomplete combustion over time will arise)
  • Access to the main stopcock should be free and undisguised
  • the gas lines should never sag and look intact

In particular, it is important to speak with a GWH specialist for sealing measures (for example, replacement of old, draughty windows by completely air-tight). Gas stoves require continuous, well-functioning ventilation in the installation room. If there are other air-consuming devices in the same room (eg exhaust air dryers), you should also check with the specialist whether this is possible without any problems.

Have defects repaired by a specialist

If malfunctions occur, the specialist must in any case check the device. Self-repair is essential. This can be life-threatening for yourself and for the entire environment.

Minor malfunctions mainly affect ignition transformers and ignition pins. This can be repaired easily and usually very cheaply.

Tips & Tricks

If a gas flame does not burn blue during operation, this is a sign of a possible defect. In such a case, you should also clarify the cause with a specialist and have it remedied immediately.

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