Gas stove without electricity - is that possible?

It may seem puzzling at first - but for most gas stoves in the trade a three-phase connection is required. Whether you can operate gas stoves without electricity, and what options there are, you can read in this post.

Electricity at the gas stove

Modern gas stoves for installation usually have an electric ignition. This type of ignition is operated via a so-called ignition transformer. Of course, a power connection is required for the transformer to work.

In addition, many gas stoves are also equipped with an electric (rather than gas-powered) oven. This can be seen very easily: gas-fired ovens have a tiered, electrically operated an oven circuit according to temperature.

A gas stove with piezo ignition (without ignition transformer) also comes without power connection. In this case, then the ignition works at the touch of a button.

Three-phase current or luminous flux?

Three-phase current is usually only needed for very high power devices (such as an electric cooktop). Not all electric ovens need to be powered by AC power - it depends on their performance. The performance of an electric oven can be seen on the nameplate.

Up to 3.8 kW of power (with 16 A fuse) devices can also be connected to luminous flux - devices with higher power require three-phase current. However, it is a prerequisite that, apart from this device, no other devices are connected to the same circuit (otherwise you must add together the power of all devices and the total must not exceed the value).

The gas hob itself can also be connected to luminous flux - the power consumption of the ignition transformer is not so high that three-phase current would be required.

Gas hob without connection

In many herds no power connection is mandatory - you can easily ignite it with the lighter and thus renounce the electric ignition. Even with herds with bottle operation, as they are very common in France, you can easily get out without power.

Tips & Tricks

Most camping cookers already have a piezo ignition system today. This is much more comfortable (and safer) than turning it on with a match. The gas flame can also be ignited here at the push of a button (and without electricity).

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