Gas radiator comparison 2018

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  • The gas heater is the heater for outside. The device is operated with up to 11 kg gas cylinders. Since the heat is not kept spatially and simply subtracts, such a heater is considered by the high energy consumption as not environmentally friendly.
  • The heating power depends on the possible kilowatt hours, which is set in the gas radiator. Large appliances such as the heating mushroom, the heating column and the heating pyramid have a very high heat generation compared to smaller mobile fan heaters.
  • Piezo ignition activates most of the gas radiators. At the push of a button, a spark is created, which causes the gas to burn. Alternatively, you can also start with a match or lighter.

Gas radiator comparison 2018: 2018

1. Radiant heater boom: In 2008, the ban on smoking put the gas heater in the limelight

Gas radiator comparison 2018: heat

A heated mushroom makes for warm evenings on the terrace in the garden.

Many smokers have learned to love the radiant heater in 2008. Because the smoking ban in restaurants has brought the radiant heater on the streets. Catering customers had to stand outside the warm four walls not freezing at the door, but could warm under and beside the man-sized radiant heater.

However, the gas heaters with their enormous energy consumption are not exactly climate-friendly. For this reason, more and more large cities (eg Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich) have issued a ban on these heaters. But do not worry: this law only affects the use of the gas radiator in the restaurant and not the patio heater in the private household.

The following categories belong to the category of gas radiators:

  • gas heater
  • Gasstrahler
  • Radiant heaters
  • thermal radiator
  • heater
  • patio heater
  • patio Heater
  • patio heater
  • Patio Heater

In our Gas Heater Comparison 2018 you will find out even more exciting details: How many kilowatt hours should the device have? Which gas is best? Does stainless steel promise a long shelf life? And what good is a cheap gas heater the noname brand of a China manufacturer?

2. The Heizpilz generate most of the heat with up to 14 kilowatts (kW)

Since gas radiator is a generic term for various types, we show you the most common models:

Patio Heater

Gas radiator comparison 2018: 2018

The mushroom mushroom falls through his mushroom hood. In gastronomy, it is valued for its high heat output.

  • heating capacity - up to 14 kW
  • heat generation - very high
  • power consumption - very high
  • height - about 2.2 m
  • mass - up to 30 kg (heavy)
  • particularity - suitable for professional use


  • very high heat output (heat)
  • suitable for the gastronomy
  • CO2 emissions very high
  • very difficult

Heating column / heating pyramid

Gas radiator comparison 2018: 2018

The heating column and heating pyramid are ideal patio heaters for the garden, which generate heat with medium power.

  • heating capacity - up to 10 kW
  • heat generation - medium
  • power consumption - high
  • height - about 1.9 m
  • mass - about 15 kg (heavy)
  • particularity - designed for optics


  • suitable for garden and terrace
  • visually appealing (free flame)
  • CO2 emissions high
  • relatively high price for low heat output

mobile radiant heater

Gas radiator comparison 2018: comparison

A mobile heater can also be used on the balcony or in open tents.

  • heating capacity - up to 4 kW
  • heat generation - low
  • power consumption - medium
  • height - about 30 cm
  • mass - up to 2 kg
  • particularity - very simple


  • transportable
  • suitable for excursions and camping
  • low heat radiation

3. Purchase advice: Propane gas as insider tip

3.1. More watts brings more heat

Gas radiator comparison 2018: comparison

Larger radiant heaters have high power and generate a lot of heat. They are suitable for a garden party.

If you would already burn your fingers on a mobile radiant heater of 4 kW, what do 12 kW mushrooms bring? The rule is very simple: The more kW a gas heater has, the more people can be reached. Because hot is not the same hot, as evidenced by various gas radiator tests.

The heat rays are much stronger at 12 kW than at 4 kW. For this reason, you must position yourself close to the mobile gas radiator, while the heating mushroom, even at a distance of two meters, will still provide you with sufficient heat.

So you need a gas heater for the intimate togetherness in the evening, for example on the large, open balcony or on the garden table, a mobile radiant heater is sufficient.

On the other hand, always plan a garden party, the gas heater should have as many kilowatt hours as possible in order not to leave a guest cold.

3.2. Stainless steel is no guarantee for rust-free

climate Protection

Gas radiator comparison 2018: radiator

Stiftung Warentest focuses on environmentally friendly products. Since a gas radiator fumes the heat in the air, this heater is not part of their scheme. For this reason, there will probably never be a Gas Heater Test and Gas Heater Test Winner.

Even the electric radiant heaters (infrared) are no exception. Stiftung Warentest therefore advises warming rugs (02/2010).

Most gas heaters are manufactured and promoted with stainless steel. But Although high quality stainless steel is considered to be stainless metal, this property is not always true.

Especially where screwed and welded parts tend to rust. Even with the best gas radiator, individual screws can be affected.

Since the patio heater is permanently exposed to the weather in many cases, the probability increases enormously that individual areas begin to rust.

Cheaper models also tend even faster to decay.

Our recommendation: You should put the gas heater under a suitable protective cover after use and when it has cooled down. So it remains well secured even in snow and rain.

3.3. Butane gas loses from 0 degrees to flammability

There are several types of bottled gas on the market.

Butane and propane as well as propane-butane mixtures play a central role in the commissioning of the gas heater.

But not all gases are equally well suited:


Gas radiator comparison 2018: heater

A liquid gas, which assumes a gaseous state of matter when expanding out of the bottle. At temperatures below zero degrees, butane does not evaporate anymorewhat makes it useless.

Since the temperature of the gas cylinder has fallen sharply after four hours of operation, butane can not be used efficiently even for longer periods of time.

Price is also bad butane. It is more expensive than propane and is more often bottled in small cartridges.

below 0° C outside temperature not possible
a maximum of four hours use of the gas cylinder in one piece possible
filled in small cartridges (ideal for mobile radiant heaters)


Gas radiator comparison 2018: heater

This liquefied gas becomes gaseous upon expansion from the bottle. By a calorific value other than butane it can still be used at up to minus 42 degrees.

Accordingly, it is also suitable for continuous use in the cooling gas cylinder.

Since the construction of propane produces more weight than the same amount of butane, bottles of propane are considerably heavier.

below 0° C outside temperature possible
over four hours of use of the gas cylinder in one piece possible
heavy bottles

Propane-butane mixture:

Gas radiator comparison 2018: 2018

In order to effectively play around the advantages and disadvantages of both gases, propane-butane mixtures are frequently filled in gas cylinders. Finally, minus 42 degrees as the burning limit for propane rather not achieved.

Gas radiator comparison 2018: heater

below 0° C outside temperature possible
over four hours of use of the gas cylinder in one piece possible
also bottled in smaller bottles

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