Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for petrol chainsaw comparison or test 2018

  • In addition to the gasoline chainsaw, there are still the electric and cordless chainsaw. The power saw with petrol drive is the most powerful.
  • When purchasing a gasoline chainsaw, pay attention to safety mechanisms such as a claw stop, chain brake or vibration damper.
  • When handling a chainsaw, always wear protective clothing. Hearing protection, safety glasses, cutting protection pants and safety shoes are essential for safe working.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: 2018

Between 2012 and 2015, the Federal Employment Agency collected the following data: In Germany, just under 33,000 people worked in the forestry sector in 2015. The Cutting the trunks, pruning the branches or trimming the beams - All this happens with the help of a chainsaw. But even in private households, the chainsaw finds its way into gardening as a helper.

In addition to the gasoline chainsaw, there are also models with an electric drive or a battery. However, the gasoline saw is the most powerful. What else speaks for the gasoline engine, how to maintain the device properly and what the saw must be equipped to make it to your personal gasoline chainsaw test winner, we explain in our 2018 petrol chainsaw comparison.

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1. Powerful with gasoline engine

Chainsaws have replaced the ax since the 1920s. In 1926, the electric chainsaw was invented and a year later, the gasoline chainsaw came on the market. Over the years, they have always been further developed and, above all, safer, However, the first models were not small saws, but 60 kg heavy equipment that had to be operated by two men.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

tip: Before you use a chainsaw, you should make a "chainsaw driver's license". In such courses, the Proper handling of the devices shown and you can practice under supervision to handle the saw.

A gasoline chainsaw today weighs between four and eight kilograms and can be used by one person. The electric chainsaw is a bit lighter (four to six kilograms) and handy, but not as powerful as the chainsaw with a gasoline engine. For smaller trees, Hedges or pieces of wood are enough for a cordless chainsaw already out, although she does not have that much power.

In the following table we have compared the three chainsaw typesso you can keep track.

Gasoline Chain Saw

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: gasoline

  • loud
  • suitable for forestry and gardening
  • anywhere
  • Sword length between 30 and 50 cm
  • very high performance
Electric Chainsaw

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

  • relatively quiet
  • suitable for slightly larger gardening (cutting thin trees)
  • location dependent because of the cable
  • Sword length between 30 and 40 cm
  • average power
Cordless chainsaw

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

  • relatively quiet
  • suitable for smaller forestry and gardening
  • anywhere
  • Sword length between 20 and 35 cm
  • low power
  • Limited working time by emptying the battery

The following Advantages and disadvantages result from this table for the gasoline chainsaw:

  • powerful
  • Also suitable for hardwood or thick wood
  • not tied to cables - flexible location
  • low consumption
  • heavier than other species
  • very loud
  • emits fumes - little environmentally friendly

2. Purchasing advice for gasoline chainsaws: You should pay attention to this

The right gas

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: chainsaw

Most gasoline chain saws are equipped with a two-stroke engine and need a mixture of engine oil and gasoline, You can either buy this mixture at the hardware store or make it yourself. In the manual of the saw, the manufacturer indicates the correct mixing ratio.

If you buy a gasoline chainsaw, it comes next to the sword length on the safety equipment and the size of the tank. Not only can cheap gasoline chainsaws be of poorer quality, but they also have fewer safety precautions (e.g., a tree claw). Look for the following criteria to find the best gasoline chainsaw.

2.1. Sword length: At least 30 cm

The sword length determines how big the cut length is. If you have a thicker tree trunk, for example with a diameter of 40 cm, you need a length of at least 45 cm.

Since the sword protrudes a few centimeters into the housing of the device, you have to subtract about five to seven centimeters from the specified sword lengthto determine the cutting length.

Because a gasoline chainsaw can handle more demanding tasks such as felling thicker trees, trimming logs, or cutting beams. the sword length should be at least 30 cm.

2.2. Power: 1.8 hp are required

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: gasoline

Gasoline saws are best suited to saw through a thicker tree trunk.

Basically applies to chainsaws: The longer the sword, the more horsepower the saw should have. Due to the length of the saw blade, it is also possible to cut thicker woods at the same time. Just cutting requires a lot from the saw, so it needs more power to get through the wood.

However, with higher power and the engine block is larger, which the weight of the saw increases, If you want to saw hardwoods such as beech, oak, maple or cherry, you should choose a model with more power, but also be prepared for a higher weight.

2.3. Safety first: tree claw and chain brake

Especially working with a chainsaw can lead to serious accidents. That's why it's important that the gasoline chainsaw equipped with as many safety features as possible.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: chainsaw

The chainsaw has replaced the ax almost completely today. For wood splitting, the ax is better suited than the saw.
  1. Throttle lock: She prevents that accidentally gas is given, The chain saw will only idle (chain will not run) if the throttle lock and throttle are not pressed simultaneously.
  2. chain brake:It prevents the saw from running when the saw tilts. Not only in the wood, but also in special safety pants, the saw can tilt and stop immediately. The Braking power is higher than the engine powerso that the chain can be stopped even at full throttle.
  3. Spiked bumper: This allows that Fix the saw on a wooden block, This reduces the tearing of the saw.
  4. hand protection: He protects hand from branches. Also the astragates, bark or a broken chain will be prevented from hurting the hand.
  5. vibration damper: This prevents circulatory disorders of the hands. The damper cushions most of the vibrations so that the user no circulatory disorders or numbness in the fingers suffers.

2.4. Quick Start

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

With a chainsaw filigree sculptures can be created. But you need a lot of practice for that.

Many brands like Einhell are incorporating a quick start device into their gasoline chain saws. This should be the Strength, which lies on the suit leash, can be reduced, Especially at lower temperatures, the starting of the saw may require several attempts. By supporting the leash, these attempts are to be reduced so that the device is ready for use quickly.

3. Care needs for chain and air filter

In order to use your gasoline saw for as long as possible, the chain and the air filter require a few care units from time to time. Use the saw for particularly intensive tree felling, you have to tighten the chain regularly, Most manufacturers have attached a small wheel on the side of the case, which tensions the chain. If the saw chain is too loose, you can jump out of the guide rail.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: 2018

To sharpen a saw chain, you must hold the file at a certain angle (90° angle to the guide rail).

Before each use, make sure that the chain is sharp enough to saw through the wood. A blunt saw chain sticks more often in the wood and increases the time required for sawing. To sharpen them, you need a round file. This must be passed between the saw teeth. To keep the file at the correct angle, you can buy a file holder. However, the saw chain can also be sharpened in a tool rental.

Note that the saw performance decreases, it may be because the air filter is clogged. For most models he can be rinsed under running water, Then you should let it dry before you use it again.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Note: To lubricate the chain, you need a synthetic chain lubricant, Since the oil is thrown away by the movements of the chain, you should make sure that the oil does not pollute the environment.

4. Use only with the proper protective equipment

If you work with a gasoline chainsaw, You should wear special safety clothingto protect you from the saw. Not only the chain, but also the noise or wood splinters can be dangerous for you. In the following list we recommend some protection items.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: gasoline

A forestry worker in complete gear is equipped with all the protection items from the list.
  1. forest helmet: The helmet protects the head, the ear and a visor also the face, Due to the signal color you are also clearly visible in the forest.
  2. ear protection: Since the gasoline chain saw is very loud, you should protect your hearing. From 80 dB, such a protection is recommended - from 85 dB it is mandatory. A gasoline chainsaw reaches 115 dB.
  3. safety glassesSafety glasses are made of impact and scratch resistant material (e.g., polycarbonate) and protects you from flying splinters, without restricting your view.
  4. WorkwearIf you work in the forest, you should always be good to see. The Workwear is held in signal colorsso you will not be overlooked.
  5. Protective glovesThese gloves are made of special fiber reinforced material and protect you from injuries caused by the chainsaw.
  6. Protection trousersIf the chainsaw slips off and lands on these protective trousers, the chain brake is released. The pants are made of a special material that is itself release the fibers when the connected chain saw comes into contact with them, The individual fibers then trigger the chain brake.
  7. safety shoes: These shoes have one Toe cap and ankle and cut protection, The shaft must be at least 19.5 cm high.

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

tip: Even if you only saw in your garden, we recommend that you do not give up the protective clothing. Handling and working with a chainsaw are dangerous. Proper clothing protects you from serious injury in the event of an accident.

5. Gasoline chainsaw test of Stiftung Warentest

Gasoline chainsaw comparison 2018: chainsaw

An electric or cordless chainsaw has too short a sword to saw such a tree.

The Stiftung Warentest published in its issue 09/2013 a gasoline chainsaw test. However, only five models were tested with gasoline engine. In addition, four electric chain saws and three cordless chain saws were tested.

The institute examined the Cutting performance, handling, environmental and health aspects (Noise, fumes, consumption) and the safety of the saws. In the test, the gasoline chainsaws performed best. Also the test winner with the grade "good" from the Husqvarna brand comes from the category of power saws with petrol drive. Close behind, and also rated "good", another petrol chainsaw landed - McCulloch's "CS 410 Elite".

A Ryobi Electric Chainsaw rated "Poor"because the safety precautions did not suffice. The manufacturer stated, however, that this product has since been changed.

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