General Electricity - what is allowed in the additional costs?

The general electricity may of course be distributed proportionally to the tenants. However, it is precisely this form of cost that often causes quarrels between tenants and landlords. Clause 2 (11) of the Operating Cost Ordinance regulates the correct billing of the general electricity.

Lighting for generally accessible rooms

In the main, the general electricity is the consumption needed for lighting in public areas. The house lighting, which illuminates the path and the entrance on the outside of the building, is just as much a part of the general electricity as the electricity required in the corridors.

Non-recoverable electricity costs

However, other costs that would seem at first glance to be part of the general electricity should not be factored into this point on the utility bill. Here are the costs that can not be allocated.

  • Electricity for the bell system
  • Electricity for the elevator
  • Electricity for heating
  • Electricity costs for shared antenna

Garages and parking lots form special forms

If an underground car park or a parking space is available to all tenants, the electricity required for the lighting can be used as a general electricity. However, if not all tenants can use these pitches, the electricity costs must be credited to the parking lot users.

How may general electricity be billed?

The key for the allocation of the general electricity must already be recorded in the lease. There are different variants of how the distribution key can look like.

  • per apartment
  • according to number of persons
  • Living space - most common variant

Tips & Tricks

You should be careful if there have been construction works in or at the house. If electricity is needed there, the landlord may not pass on these costs to the tenant. The landlord is in the burden of proof, you should also nail him down and demand the settlement of an interim meter. If this is not the case, the landlord can in most cases remain at the expense of his general electricity.

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