Gentle care for natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles appreciate it, if you pay attention to it permanently. With prudent maintenance care, major cleaning actions will only be available every two to five years when the impregnation is renewed. In the meantime, prevention is the best way to keep basalt, granite, marble and other natural rocks in good shape.

Care means constant accompaniment instead of large-scale cleaning

Unsealed natural stone tiles correspond to the original properties of natural stone. The porous surfaces absorb moisture and liquid. With an impregnation of natural stone, this effect can be weakened, but not switched off.

In the care of natural stone, the load and use of the stone substance by chemical cleaning agents should be kept to a minimum. Depending on the type of natural stone, no aggressive care products may be used. Descaling of natural stone tiles is possible mechanically with distilled water.

Care and protection measures for natural stone tiles

  • Loose dirt and dust should always be disposed of immediately after discovery and emergence. Soft brooms and dust collectors in entrance areas are part of the care.
  • Impact liquids must be absorbed immediately with absorbent aids to prevent penetration into the natural stone.
  • Natural stone floors should always be accompanied by quick and constantly accessible cleaning tools. A soft broom, a soft brush and a dirt bucket are recommended.
  • For natural stone tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, which are exposed to splashing water, a puller with rubber lip and absorbent cotton towels should be available as accompanying tools.
  • In heavily used entrance areas, floorboards and hallways, the "walking paths" can be covered with protective mats. Mud guards at the entrances and a street shoe ban protect natural stone floors.
  • Limescale and edges can be removed immediately by rinsing with distilled water. A small watering can can be used for permanent use in the bathroom.

Large plaster and impregnation

Before renewing an impregnation every two to five years, only special cleaning agents for the corresponding rock should be used for basic cleaning. Non-specific universal cleaners attack the stone. Many manufacturers of impregnations offer suitable preparation means for their products.

Tips & Tricks

If you think about protective mats, you can also use transparent plastic products. This preserves the look of the natural stone.

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