The gentle care of aluminum

The proper care of aluminum outdoors is possible with little effort and in most cases without special auxiliary or cleaning agents. In principle, the care includes only the regular removal of airborne dust. If special soiling occurs, under no circumstances should any scrubbing substances be used.

Maintain with cold water and dishwashing detergent

The usual air pollution, which can also have a proportion of exhaust deposits near busy roads, is done with a soft cloth, cold water and a gentle dishwashing detergent. The maintenance should be done on a weekly basis. Also, some home remedies can help with cleaning.

Dishwashing detergent is usually sufficient to eliminate finger marks on door and window frames. It is also possible to clean tarnished aluminum. Minor scratches can be removed by using a soft brush with natural bristles.

Dried dirt

It is very important for any unusual contamination to react as quickly as possible in order to prevent any chemical processes that may occur. If it comes to cured and dried-on dirt residues, they should first be carefully removed mechanically with a spatula or spatula.

The exposed surfaces can, again very carefully, be brushed or wiped with diluted vinegar essence or salad vinegar in a mixing ratio of one to one to the water.

Grease, oil and soot

In order to eliminate greasy, oily and sooty residues on aluminum surfaces, it is recommended to use gasoline hydrocarbon with no aromatics added. Typical representatives are test or white spirit. Conventional cleaning gas for household and lighter fluid is usually flavored and therefore unsuitable.

Residues and adhesions of adhesive films and silicone residues are also removed with gasoline hydrocarbons. For the optimum care effect, a prompt and thorough rinsing and wiping, even with industrial wadding, is indispensable.

Black list for aluminum care products

Under no circumstances may the following care products and substances be used for the care of aluminum:

  • sharp-edged tools
  • abrasive
  • microfiber products
  • steam cleaner
  • Water jet equipment
  • acid and lukewarm chemicals
  • nitro dilutions
  • Soda solutions

Tips & Tricks

During normal maintenance cleaning, make sure that you do not rub "abrasive" dirt. If you encounter strong dust or sand, remove it from the aluminum by wiping the surfaces evenly with dab motions of a damp cloth.

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