Cultivate gerbera as a houseplant and overwinter

With the right care for a long flowering period

Cultivate gerbera as a houseplant and overwinter: overwinter

The gerbera belongs to the Plant family of the daisy family and is distributed worldwide. Originally The ornamental flowers come from Africa, Madagascar and Asia.

The over 30 gerbera species are sensitive to cold and make a big bloom. The flower heads of Gerbera grow on about 45 cm long stems in almost all shades, only exceptions are the colors blue and purple.

The Gerbera got its name in honor of Traugott Gerber, a physician and botanist. The namesake was Jan Frederik Gronovius, a Dutch botanist who the Flower type first described in 1737, Carl von Linné arranged the plant in 1738 in his plant systematics.

Find out below how to properly cultivate and overwinter the gerbera as a cut flower or potted flower.

Cultivate gerbera as a houseplant and overwinter: overwinter

The Gerbera as a houseplant tolerates no heat or direct sunlight.

The Gerbera is an indispensable part of the German flower trade. With her eye-catching flower head, she is not just one especially beautiful potted plant, also for individual arrangements, the ornamental flower is ideal.

For this purpose you will long, hairy stems wrapped in wire for added stability and then wrapped in the flower bouquet.

Of course you can enjoy longer gerberas as indoor plants in the pot. Ideal Location and in optimal climatic conditions The flower can bloom here all year round. The Gerbera is quite easy to maintain.

To cultivate gerberas optimally as a houseplant

Gerberas thrive as a houseplant especially good at a bright locationt near the window. Take care, however, that the flower not the immediate noon sune is exposed, otherwise the delicate petals burn quickly behind the glass and the plant enters.

tip: In general, the Gerbera tolerates bad heat, so the houseplant should move in midsummer in a shady corner on the balcony.

The ornamental plants need moderately but regularly watered become. Make sure that the soil always remains evenly moist and that it does not form waterlogging. Avoid pouring at lunchtimeto avoid leaf burns.

It is recommended during the Summer months weekly liquid flower fertilizer for healthy plant growth. This gives the flower all the important nutrients it needs to thrive.

During hibernation, the gerbera is placed in a cool room, a temperature of 8-12° C is optimal and allows the plant a restful recovery phase for the upcoming spring. in the winter will the Flower watered moderately every two weeks and repotted in early spring in fresh soil.

Keep Gerberas fresh in the vase for a long time

Cultivate gerbera as a houseplant and overwinter: flower

The stalk of gerbera must not be too deep in the water.

The gerbera is a flower that one versatile use can, for example, as a decorative single flower or as a targeted eye-catcher in colorful bouquets.

Also needed as a cut flower Gerbera enough water, to be able to carry her broad flower. If you have the gerbera in the vase keep, may Water level not too high fail.

The Stems of the flower should be about 2 inches deep stand in the water, which prevents softening or fouling of the velvety stalk. If the stem has become too soft, helps an oblique cut over the affected area. The shortened flower stalk is now ready for a return healthy nutrient intake.

Check the Water level daily and change that Tap water every two days for an optimal water quality.

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