Dispose of glass blocks properly

Glass blocks are also building materials that are supported by temporal trends. Accordingly, they are not only installed, but also torn out in the course of modernization and renovation work. Many people are subject to the error that glass blocks could be disposed of as glass. It's not that easy.

The tearing out of glass blocks, glass tiles and glass mosaic

Most of you are familiar with houses built in the 60s and 70s. There glass blocks are often thought of as translucent facade masonry. From today's perspective, these facade glass blocks are almost devastating in terms of energy loss. So there are many reasons to remove these as quickly as possible, especially in houses with such glass blocks in the facade.

Of course, there are also glass blocks, which are used in the interior of houses and apartments. Strictly speaking, you can also count glass mosaics and glass tiles. Since these types of glass blocks are subject to temporal trends, their removal is also a common occurrence for many real estate owners.

Glass blocks, like other building materials, are a building rubble

However, most people do not know how to dispose glass block properly. Many even assume that they could be disposed of in the old glass. However, this is a fatal fallacy, which can cost noticeably money. The disposal of glass blocks in or next Altglascontainer to Altglassammelstellen is not allowed.

Thus, the disposal of glass blocks even constitutes a misdemeanor, which can be covered with a sensitive fine. Instead, glass blocks, glass mosaics and glass tiles as well as conventional ceramic tiles and other building materials are treated as building rubble. However, this does not make waste disposal much easier for many do-it-yourselfers, but makes disposal even more difficult instead.

The disposal of glass blocks to the recycling center

Depending on the region, state and municipality, the disposal of rubble is regulated completely differently. Therefore, you will need to additionally inquire regionally for the disposal of glass blocks. In general, however, the following can be stated: most of the time a building waste container is made available for building rubble and, subsequently, also for glass bricks on the municipal valuables farms


The disposal of rubble in these containers is already regulated differently again. Small amounts are often - but not always! - accepted free of charge, while larger quantities are chargeable. However, it can also be the case that all delivered construction waste can also be returned to the recycling center free of charge


Commercial and municipal utilities supply you with a container

Alternatively, the disposal of glass blocks, glass mosaics and glass tiles on commercial disposal services, so mostly regionally active container services. But even here the costs can not be generalized. Instead, you should obtain a corresponding offer from waste disposal companies. On the other hand, there are also municipal waste disposal services in the service of the community, such as garbage collection.

So the disposers, which belong almost to the recycling centers operated by the municipality. They also offer some containers, which you can let come to your home. The bottom line is that it would make sense for you if you would inform yourself at the recycling center about the costs of personal disposal, as well as ask the commercial and municipal service providers for the costs of setting up construction waste containers.

Tips & Tricks

If it is glass bricks that are intact, you can also offer the glass blocks on Internet sales platforms. There are always interested people looking for old glass blocks. At least you do not have to pay for the disposal of glass blocks with free delivery. At best, it can even happen that you get paid some money for the old glass blocks.

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