Glass blocks: what prices and price differences are there?

Glass blocks were very popular in the sixties - today you will experience a renaissance, especially in the interior design. The qualities and designs here are as different today as the prices. What modern glass blocks cost today, what price differences there are, and what they are based on, read in this article.

Glass blocks for interesting separations

After the hype about glass bricks in the sixties, they quickly fell into oblivion and for decades were considered rather unattractive and old-fashioned. In the interior, especially for separations, but they are now experiencing a renaissance again.

Ever since glass blocks in many modern designs - for freestanding and frameless showers, for kitchen partitions and as partitions - are being used more and more, more and more different products are coming onto the market.

However, the prices for glass blocks are very different - this is due to the fact that there are many different versions. The price range is enough for single, square stones from around 5 EUR up to more than 40 EUR for the single component.

Price criteria for glass blocks

  • the glass quality
  • the shape and size - from about rectangular to oversized there is everything here
  • the surface design and the lighting effects
  • the coloring
  • the heat transfer value
  • the reputation of the manufacturer

Block Lock System and heat-insulating stones are significantly more expensive

In addition, there is also the so-called block lock system, which allows glass blocks very easy to connect - stones from this system are then usually more expensive than the classic, which must be walled.

Also, the glass blocks, which shine with particularly low heat transfer values ​​and are therefore well suited for exterior walls, are usually much more expensive than the simpler variants.

That way you can save costs

Think about what you want to build exactly - and then look at the requirements you have for the glass blocks. In many cases, special lighting effects and colorations often show only very little effect - for example with a shower screen.

In addition, the self-building of ordinary glass blocks is not very complicated - so you may be able to save considerable costs on some projects.

Tips & Tricks

For the glazing of glass bricks you must use a special mortar, also observe some processing instructions, but both informs you in detail the DIN.

Video Board: Installing Glass Blocks