Cut glass bottle with a Dremel and continue working

A Dremel is ideal for cutting a glass bottle. Especially for cuts in the longitudinal direction he plays his suitability. For transverse cuts, wire-based alternatives are possible. The handy Dremel can be used in addition to the complete cutting of the glass bottle wall for scoring, engraving and grinding.

Multifunctional hand motor

Dremel is a hand-held motor whose rotating attachment can cut, saw, grind and polish. The original brand name is used as a synonym for all hand tools of this type. Those who work more frequently on the material glass and on glass bottles will find the Dremel a very helpful tool.

Generally, a glass bottle can be cut in any direction with a Dremel. The main advantage of the handheld motor is that it should be cut longitudinally. While cutting well with wire and heat can be done horizontally, vertical cutting can not be used in this way, given the lack of mounting options.

Individual processing types

The Dremel with cutting disc attachment is similar in principle to a mini circular saw. Depending on the material to be cut, a harder top is selected. With an essay change recommendable or required further work steps can then be carried out. This includes, for example, grinding the sharp edges and polishing the surface of the bottle. With the right attachment, the Dremel turns into an engraver.

Dremel for cutting glass bottles should always have a continuously variable speed setting. In many cases, when cutting bottle glass, the bottle wall is not completely severed. Depending on the type of glass and wall thickness, a deep scratch is created and a controlled break is brought about.

The most important rules of conduct for "dremeln"

  • Check heat development and cool if necessary
  • Avoid slipping by approach aid such as masking tape
  • Wear respiratory, eye and hand protection to prevent micro-splinters
  • Work slowly and with little pressure to "cushion" the bottle glass tension

Tips & Tricks

To see, cut and split probably one of the most extensive online descriptions of glass bottles, see the somewhat bulky English link // The observations of the operator and amateur glass blower Mike Firth not only give many suggestions, but also show you the always existing to a large extent experimental share.

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