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  • Fire detectors, water detectors, vibration detectors, video surveillance - with the variety of security systems, the window occasionally suffers as a weak point for burglaries.
  • Break glass detectors register when your window breaks down and respond with an alarm at siren volume.
  • With different device types, you can either cover individual windows separately or several at one go and successfully deter or deter burglars.

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: 2018

The home is a place of security and privacy: after entering your own four walls, we can relax and feel good. The more sensitive it is to us when someone enters this intimate area and steals precious objects - be it material or ideational value. Add to that the right one low probability that the burglary can be cleared up and the private possessions regained: In 2015, the police investigation rate for burglary theft was only about 15% (source: Federal Criminal Police Office).

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: glass

Thieves can be effectively distributed with glass break detectors.

In addition to the front door, the windows are often the focus of burglaries. If these are not just made of bulletproof glass or access via not very nice grids, they offer a hurdle that can easily be overcome. With glass break detectors, however, you can effectively protect this Achilles heel of your home and drive out burglars, We have the Glass breakage detector comparison 2018 In the following purchase advice you will learn and tell, among other things, which type of device is the right choice for you and how to optimally position your window protection.

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1. Glass break detectors make burglars flee

Deterrent - before and after the glass breakage

In some cases, the burglar alarm system can be positioned to be visible through the windowpane. This may even prevent alert burglars from ever passing by your window, as they can anticipate the following alarm.

Glass break detectors are small alarm systems that are placed directly on glass surfaces or near glass panes. There They respond to the specific sounds that occur when glass is broken or even register changes in the glass structure - you will learn more about the different functionalities in the second chapter.

The window burglary protection does not always help prevent burglars from smashing your window, however, the audible annunciator responds via a siren and in some cases by a light signal as soon as the window has been hit.

This beats thieves in the majority of cases, as they are known to act unnoticed. It is unlikely that burglars will continue their "work" untouched despite the loud alarm and accept the now significantly increased risk of being caught red-handed.

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: glass

Window protection with a difference: In addition to the window alarm, there are also burglar-resistant window film. These can stick to the inside of your window and make it difficult for burglars to enter your home. The glass fragments stick in the window film and must be laboriously removed and with the involvement of appropriate tools or cut the film. This prevents or hampers at least the burglaryso that thieves are more likely to give up unnerved.

2. Glass Break Detector Types: One or several windows to protect?

Roughly speaking, two different categories of glass breakage detectors can be distinguished: active and passive systems, While the former are triggered by the vibrational frequency of the glass, or the noise associated therewith, at break, active systems monitor the disk ultrasonically. If the shape and structure of the glass changes, the alarm will sound.

Active glass breakage detectors also have a higher VdS safety classthat indicates how safe the system is and how sensitive it is. Everything you need to know about both variants can be found in the following table:

Glass break detector-typecharacteristics
passive glass breakage detector

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: 2018

  • works after the piezo effect
  • Vibration detector: Sensor detects the structure-borne noise in the disk that results from breakage - 100 kHz (typical frequency for breaking glass)
  • Assembly is done directly on the disc
  • Depending on the model, power supply from the alarm system via line supply, supply voltage (own energy source required) or without supply span

already deterring before glass breakage, as visible from the outside
VdS class B: medium protection
favorable glass breakage detector (available for less than ten euros)

often usable only with double-glazed windows
Burglary by glass cutter is usually not recognized
Monitoring radius with max. 2 m low

passive, acoustic glass breakage detector

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: comparison

  • belongs to the passive glass break detectors
  • also works after the piezo effect
  • also has a microphone:
    • responds to low frequencies: smashing the glass
    • also reacts to high frequencies: clinking of the glass
  • Minimum disc size: 30 x 30 cm (triggering by falling wine glass should be prevented)
  • maximum distance to discs: ten meters
  • Power supply via own energy source: battery, cable or radio (often as radio alarm system)

can monitor several slices at the same time
VdS class B: medium protection

low deterrent effect before burglary: device may not be visible
prone to false positives, as microphone occasionally too sensitive
not suitable for all types of glass (application eg not possible with armored or laminated glass)

active glass breakage detector

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: glass

  • Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver monitor slice actively
  • if the disc changes (breakage, indentation), transmission is changed: glass break alarm is triggered
  • Functional principle similar to alarm glass - also responds to changes in the glass
  • Transmitter and receiver often housed in a housing: glass break detector mounting directly to the glass

VdS class C: highest security level
suitable for all glass types

partly error prone (for example due to contamination of the disc)
own supply span needed

Our recommendation: If you only want to secure a few windows and they are double-glazed, the passive detector is often enough to additionally protect your home.

However, if you would like to cover several windows in a room with the window sensor, the acoustic detector is the best choice.

If you attach great importance to the maximum possible security level for the devices, the active detector is highly recommended.

3. Purchase criteria for glass breakage detectors

You have decided on the right type, but lose within this category the overview of the numerous devices and glass breakage detector tests on the market? Below, we present you with all the essential purchase criteria that you have to keep in mind when looking for your personal glass breakage test winner.

3.1. Independent glass breakage detector

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: comparison

Battery-operated glass-break sensors are protected against power failures.

A self-powered glass breakage detector works independently of the electricity grid in your household. So will Ensures that the alarm system in the house continues to serveeven if the power has failed or is turned off.

A passive glass breakage detector requires no power supply in principle, Since the device consumes only power when it sounds the alarm, and this is usually rarely the case, the battery in the device is hardly loaded. With this type of alarm system you do not have to make a major installation.

An acoustic glass breakage detector also requires batteries or is operated by radio, In addition, you can connect the acoustic glass break detector to the ceiling (near the ceiling lighting) to get the necessary power. However, the devices are no longer ideally protected against power failures. Not least because most acoustic glass breakage detectors are battery operated.

An active glass breakage detector requires a permanent power supplyto function properly.

Already knew?Although Stiftung Warentest has not yet issued a glass breakage detector test, in 2016 it has drawn attention to an interesting aspect: KfW Bank subsidizes investments in burglary protection with up to 10% (maximum 1,500 euros).

3.2. Optical deterrence

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: detector

Attach the sensor so that thieves can recognize it and thus possibly refrain from burglary.

In addition to the audible warning that the alarm systems give, Some devices already attract attention before the break-in attempt.

If a burglar sees the device behind the windowpane, the burglary attempt at this time may already be prevented.

In order to draw attention to the devices, some brands equip their products with red LEDs. Also possible eye-catching stickers on the back of the alarm system are widespread and are intended to take the wind out of the sails of uninvited guests even before breaking the windscreen.

Place great emphasis on this form of prophylactic burglar defense, you should resort to a passive or active window sensor.

Although an acoustic glass breakage detector can monitor several windows at once, it must also be positioned accordingly so that it can hardly be detected from the outside or recognized as burglary protection.

3.3. Alarm systems compatibility

Are you looking for a so-called stand-alone device or would you like to integrate the glass breakage detector into the existing security technology of your home?

With a standalone glass breakage detector, you can do that Use the device without having to integrate it into an existing alarm system, So if you do not have an alarm system and just want to protect your windows, you should buy a glass break detector that provides the standalone feature.

However, if you already have a home security system and would like to integrate the glass breakage detector sensibly, you should make sure if possible, buy the individual components from the same manufacturerso that no problems arise, for example, by a slightly different frequency range for the triggering of the alarm.

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: glass

If you would like to connect the glass breakage detector with your alarm system, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the devices.

4. Bring the glass breakage detector into perfect position

Does my device still work?

Glass breakage detector comparison 2018: 2018

Even the best glass breakage detector can malfunction. To find out if your window security is still intact or the battery still provides power, you can Use glass breakage detector tester. This simulates the background noise of a broken glass, but is usually relatively expensive (up to several hundred euros).

The best way to position your glass break detector so that it covers the window (s) optimally and at the same time be as visible as possible depends on the type of glass breakage sensor. We present you the optimal position for the individual product categories:

  • Passive glass breakage detectors: Mounting the glass breakage detector is very easy. The device can be mounted in a corner of the window directly on the glass.
  • Acoustic glass breakage detectors: The glass break detector functionality differs slightly from the above. Here, the glass breakage sensor is optimally installed within a distance of a maximum of ten meters on the opposite wall. This ensures that several windows are covered by one device at the same time.
  • Active glass breakage detectors: This type is again mounted directly on the window pane. Similar to the glass break detector, which works passively, the device should be mounted so that it does not interfere with looking out, but at the same time remains visible to potential burglars.

NoteWhen installing and installing your glass breakage sensors, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, as each device of a particular category may differ slightly from others.

5. Proven manufacturers and brands

Finally, we would like to introduce you to some well-known and popular brands that have made a name for themselves among other things in the field of window protection. These include, for example, with Abus, Gira and Olympia manufacturers, the already have expertise in the area of ​​home security.

  • Abus
  • Bush hunter
  • elero
  • Gira
  • GSM
  • Hirschmann
  • Honeywell
  • Iiquu
  • king
  • Multi Kon Trade (MKT)
  • Olympics
  • Safety first
  • Smart Home
  • Weru
  • X4-Life

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