Set a glass cutter

Do-it-yourselfers dare to tackle almost all tasks today. This includes the cutting of glass. There are various tools for this. Widely used are glass cutters, which are equipped with different cogs. Time and again, do-it-yourselfers wonder how to set these wheels on the glass cutter. Below is the answer.

Various glass cutters

The cutting of glass is not difficult in itself. However, there are various glass cutting tools. The two following glass cutters are the typical representatives:

  • Glass cutter with a diamond cutting blade
  • Glass cutter with different steel wheels (up to six wheels)

The cutting of glass

When applying the glass cutter with a blade, there are actually no problems. The glass cutter is dipped in suitable oil or petroleum (or even applied to the glass). With a profile, the cutting line is determined and then the glass cutter is attached and with a courageous cut the glass is scratched from beginning to end. Then the glass can be broken already.

Cut glass with glass cutter with steel wheel

But there are still glass cutters with different steel wheels. These are usually very cheap glass cutters. Somehow the rumor has it that the steel wheels would stop the tailor. But that's not the case at all. This glass cutter does not need to be adjusted. Rather, the steel wheel consists of simply hardened steel. Thus it can be used in the first position only for a short time.

It's just turned to the next wheel to sharpen it

Therefore, simply continue to rotate the rosette until you can cut with the next steel disc. It is not more. So it's not like there's something special to set here. However, there is something else to consider. But that has nothing to do with adjusting the glass cutter. Rather, it's about the cutting angle. The should be adjusted analogously to the thickness of the glass to be cut:

Angle when cutting glass

Glass cutting angle depending on the thickness of the glass to be cut:

  • Glass thickness 2 to 3 mm: 120 degrees
  • Glass thickness 3 to 4 mm: 127 degrees
  • Glass thickness 4 to 6 mm: 135 degrees
  • Glass thickness 6 to 8mm: 140 degrees
  • Glass thickness 8 to 10 mm: 145 degrees
  • Glass thickness 10 to 12 mm: 150 degrees
  • Glass thickness 12 to 15 mm: 155 degrees
  • Glass thickness 15 to 19 mm: 155 to 158 degrees
  • Glass thickness 20 to 25 mm: 158 to 160 degrees

Tips & Tricks

A comprehensive guide to cutting glass, we offer here. Also keep in mind that you can not cut every jar. Exempted is ESG and DSG (single-pane and double-pane safety glass)

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