Descale glass effectively

Especially on the real glass of the shower, unsightly lime deposits form again and again, which must be removed. It is not always possible to completely remove these stains with special household cleaners, although the manufacturers promise that. Fortunately, there are grandma's old home remedies: How can you effectively decalcify your glass after Grandma's recipe?

Descale glass with acids

The basic lime can be removed particularly well with the help of acids. Almost every household has a bottle of vinegar essence, which is very useful for decalcifying glass. Diluted in water at a ratio of 1: 2, the acidic liquid often works wonders.

A second option for decalcifying glass is the use of citric acid. These are available in powder or liquid to buy in any drugstore but also on the Internet. Caution: Wear acid-resistant rubber gloves when using acidic decalcifier!

Tips & Tricks

Citric acid and acetic acid can attack gumming and metals but will not harm the glass. When decalcifying, make sure that these elements do not come into contact with the acid.

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