Install a glass door

The trend in the interior clearly goes to glass doors. In principle, you can install these as conventional doors. Nevertheless, some peculiarities should be considered. We will show you below what to pay attention to when installing a glass door.

The assembly results from the construction of the glass door

Basically, you can install a glass door like any other door. Here you will find, for example, a guide to installing a front door. In addition, however, glass doors without frames or frames are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, we provide you here with instructions for installing a glass door without frames.

Different versions of glass doors

As you can see, there are different versions of glass doors. Basically, glass doors can be distinguished according to the following design features:

  • Glass doors without frames
  • Glass doors without frame
  • Glass doors with concealed frame
  • Glass doors with frame

Be sure to consider the purchase of glass doors!

Accordingly, the installation is different. But what is always important for glass doors is the correct measurement and ordering of the right construction. Under no circumstances may you order your glass door too generously and with oversize. Many do-it-yourselfers say they could cut the glass door, for example by grinding it down. However, glass doors are made of safety glass, which is why shortening is problematic.

The door fittings for glass doors

You must also pay special attention to door fittings or door hinges. There are hinges for setting, but also cheap goods, where a setting can only be done via the glass clamps. The quality of these clamps is also crucial, as you must be able to hold a heavy glass safety glass door.

Are the interior walls suitable for a glass door installation?

In addition to these conditions and specifications for the glass door and the accessories must also meet the wall requirements. Especially indoors, partitions are increasingly being built in drywall from plasterboard. Ordinary partitions may be too weak in construction to carry a heavy glass door. Then you also have to stiffen and stabilize the plasterboard wall.

The mounting of the glass door

Once all preparatory work has been completed and all prerequisites are met, you can start assembling the glass door. When mounting, however, you should always have a helper at hand because of the weight. It is also important to pay attention to the stop side and the correct opening direction (usually inwards into a room).

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal we offer various articles on glass doors. So we also show you how to repair a glass door.

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