Repair a glass door

Also with glass doors it can come to damages, which are then to repair. The range of possible damage ranges from the broken door handle to the broken glass. Below we will show you the options for repairing your glass door.

The possible damages and defects on glass doors

Of course, if the glass door is broken, it is annoying as with any other damage. But usually it is not the glass that has broken. Rather, it is the attachments to the glass door, which are simply worn over time due to the heavy weight load. Here are some of the typical damage to glass doors:

  • broken hinges or door hinges
  • broken door handle
  • completely obstructed or tilted glass door
  • broken glass

Note that safety glass is used today

In the past, glass doors with ordinary window glass were also used in the living area. However, there are regulations that prescribe safety glass. If such a safety glass pane breaks, it either shatters into many small parts that are neither sharp-edged nor otherwise dangerous. Or the disk breaks over the entire surface starting from the point of damage.

Damage after used safety glass

The first-mentioned damage pattern is single-pane safety glass, the second case laminated safety glass. Of course, in both cases there is no possibility of repair. Even if you were lucky and just jumped a small corner, you should not try to mend this spot. Because then it can still happen that the entire glass is destroyed.

Replace broken glass fillings

You can repair conventional glass-filled doors that have been broken or burst. You need to buy safety glass in the right size. To do this you first have to measure the area. Many of these doors have a bar, which you first have to remove. The glass is then similar to windows placed on blocks and sealed with silicone. Then the glass finishing strips come back to the door.

Damage to hinges and other glass door fittings

If one of the door hinges has broken, we offer you a guidebook to repair the door hinge in the house journal. The same applies in the event that the glass door is adjusted only. Here you can click to set the guide to the glass door. For other defective fittings such as the door handles, you will find a good selection in the specialist trade, but also in DIY stores.

Tips & Tricks

With new glass doors or especially after ground work, it may happen that the glass door suddenly jams. If it is not possible to adjust the door, many do-it-yourselfers consider shortening the glass door. However, this is problematic, as you can see in the linked article.