Set a glass door

Like any other door with hinges, a glass door can also be set. However, we can not offer a general guide to adjusting these doors, as there are a variety of fittings. However, our instructions for aligning glass doors are essential if you do not have the manufacturer's instructions at hand.

Even a glass door must be regularly adjusted and adjusted

Like all other doors, glass doors can also be adjusted over time. Due to the high weight, the hinges adjust, which is completely normal. However, it is difficult to provide a basic guide to aligning glass doors. Especially with the fittings and door hinges, there is an almost unlimited choice. Depending on the door fitting used, it may have different setting options:

  • Lift and lower the door
  • turn inwards or outwards (so that the door is absolutely straight in the side view)
  • to the left and right (laterally or diagonally)
  • Hinges with enlarged holes

It may be that the hinges used in your glass door have all adjustment options or no adjustment options. In the latter case, however, it is then possible that the holes for attaching the door hinges are slots, so that the hinge itself is to be adjusted.

The right tool to adjust

To set all other functions you still need the right tool. Mostly it is an Allen wrench, but it can also be multi-tooth or Torx. It is also possible that you first have to remove all covers. That would be on the one hand the covers of the entire door hinge and then on the other hand on the cylindrical ends another cover.

Possible special configuration options

Especially if these covers of the cylinder are present, there is usually an adjusting screw. Depending on the manufacturer, a kind of castle nut can sit here. Both crown nuts (top and bottom) can often be removed because the upper castellated nut often takes on the role of an adapter. The hinge is in principle no different than a jacketed pin.

If this castellated nut is placed as it must be, the inner screw can be adjusted and the door adjusted upwards and downwards. However, if this castellated nut is used upside down, it engages with small cones in the outer conical casing. Now the door can be diagonally aligned or moved to the left or right. A small laterally mounted Allen screw is usually used to set the door still in flight.

Always use the manufacturer's instructions for alignment

In any case, of course, the adjustment instructions of the hinge manufacturer to be preferred. Ultimately, however, there are at most these mentioned options. By testing and trying, you will eventually manage to adjust your glass door correctly.

Tips & Tricks

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