Install a glass door without a frame

Doors also go with the times and follow trends. A recurring trend for many years is the glass door without frame. In the meantime, glass doors that do not require frames or frames are back in fashion. Below we explain how to install a glass door without a frame.

Glass doors offer various installation options

Glass doors are sexy. Although they separate a room, they still open it to the area behind it. Depending on your requirements, you can also monitor what is happening in the room next door without having to hear the noise from the room at full volume. But glass doors also have a certain amount of extravagance. This in turn has led to the fact that there are different fastening systems for glass doors:

  • with frame
  • with visible frame
  • with an invisible frame
  • without frame and without frame

Finally, attaching a glass door without a frame is no different than attaching an ordinary door. In particular, for house doors that applies, in which the hinge is fastened similarly. However, you should be aware of the resulting peculiarities of glass doors without frame.

Glass doors are usually offered as swing or swing doors

Although a lock mechanism can be mounted on the opposite side of the door hinges. Usually, however, glass doors without frames or frames are so-called swing doors, ie doors that can swing open without resistance on both sides.

Fastening the glass door without frame or frame

To attach a glass door without frame, you need the installation instructions of the manufacturer, because you can see the exact dimensions. The glass door can be installed in principle, as you imagine. This may mean installing the glass door so that it closes flush with the wall, so it is flush. Then, on the other side, a corresponding niche is created. Or you mount the glass door in the middle, creating a small niche on either side of the door.

The correct dimensions are essential for a glass door!

Now measure the distance between the hinges or hinges. Then, if there is no template to drill, use the hinges as a template to mark the drill holes. For the drilled holes, use the dowels required by the door manufacturer (payload). Now the hinges are attached to the glass door and then to the wall.

Tips & Tricks

Measure your glass door exactly. Under no circumstances may you order the door with oversize. Because cutting a glass door is extremely problematic. If necessary, also consider floor coverings such as carpets, parquet or tiles that you would like to lay later.

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