Sterilize glass before canning

Food should always be packed as germ-free as possible, this also applies when preserving jam or other foods. Therefore, it is recommended to sterilize preserving jars carefully before filling. If there are as few germs in the jar as possible right from the start, the food stays fresh longer and you can enjoy the fruits of your work for a long time.

How to sterilize glass

Heat kills many germs, so sterilizing in the oven is a good way to pre-treat the glass. Set your oven to a temperature of 180° C. Sterilize your glasses for at least 10 minutes in full heat.

Even in hot water, germs can be killed. Simply place your preserving jars in boiling water for 10 minutes and let them dry on clean kitchen towels.

Tips & Tricks

For people who cook more often food, it is worth buying a special sterilizer. Often these are pressure cookers, which can also be used to sterilize glasses.

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