Melt the glass yourself to make new items

Old glass bottles are the raw material for new glass products in the recycling process, which is well known. However, few people know that melting and reforming glass can also be a private hobby. We explain how this particular artistic activity works and what you need it for.

These things you need to reformulate glass

  • safety goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • old glass bottles
  • Kiln for temperatures up to about 1,000° C
  • copper wire
  • Molds for glass

Melting Glass: Practice Makes Perfect!

The most important "ingredient" in this exciting new hobby is patience. Normally, the melting / pouring of glass does not work as easy as you might think. The technique must be practiced and perfected.

Schedule several exercises to get a good feel for the material. First use only one and the same type of glass, then later you can turn to other glasses.

Procedure for melting glass

Before you melt the glass, a thorough cleaning of the material is appropriate. Dirt and labels must be completely removed before melting begins. It is best to soak the bottles for several hours and then scrub them thoroughly.

  • Lay the copper wire around the bottlenecks.
  • Hang the bottles on the copper wire in the oven.
  • Place the molds under the bottles.
  • Preheat the oven to about 650-700° C.
  • Watch the glass in the oven.
  • At around 540° C, the glass softens.
  • From about 650° C it changes its shape.
  • Watch as the glass runs into the mold.
  • Now cool the oven down to about 590° C and take a break.
  • Continue to cool down and pause for 20 minutes at approximately 540° C.
  • Then cool to about 315° C and wait again for a while.
  • Slowly continue to cool down to room temperature.

The cooling process can take 24 hours or even longer: try out the best way to do it in your case. If the freshly poured glass cools too quickly, stresses in the material will result in fractures.

Tips & Tricks

After you have removed the glass from the mold, it is recommended to polish the surface thoroughly: in this way you create a particularly smooth, shiny surface.