Glass on the patio roof - these are the prices

If a patio roofing is to be covered with glass, it is not easy to take any glass. The durable laminated safety glass has to be used already. But the prices are of course also slightly higher for the stable VS glass.

Store light with glass

Especially when there are some windows under the new patio roof, the rooms are always darkened by the roof. But with a glazed roof, this effect can be reduced.

There is still some light being swallowed by the patio roof, but the rooms do not suffer as much underneath and look friendlier.

Durability and longevity of glass

Compared to translucent double-skin sheets, safety glass is about one-third to one-half more expensive. However, glass does not age either. It does not yellow with time and gets no cracks.

Anyone who would like to have something of their terrace covering should actually use VSG glass if it is financially possible.

Higher weight and statics

While the safety glass used to be very heavy and therefore required a higher load capacity of the kit for a patio roof, today this is not so serious anymore. A patio roof made of aluminum can usually also carry a glass roof without additional support.

Prices for glazing

Here are some examples of prices for patio roofing with laminated safety glass:

  • Aluminum kit with safety glass 10 mm thick - 8 × 3 meters - 13,800 euros - including installation
  • Wooden kit with safety glass 10 mm thick - 5 × 4 meters - 10,800 euros - plus installation
  • Aluminum kit with safety glass 8 mm thick - 5 × 4 meters - 4,400 euros - plus shipping and installation
  • Wooden kit with safety glass 8 mm thick - 6 × 5 meters - 8,600 euros - including installation

Tips & Tricks

Install hooks and eyes under the roof during installation, while you're at it. Here you can attach an awning or awning later. Otherwise on sunny days it will probably be unbearable under the glass roof.

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