Photograph glass professionally

It's not that easy to photograph glass correctly. Glass panes, for example, reflect the flash so that the background is barely recognizable. But the reflections cause problems, because who wants to see the photographer and his camera mirrored on the finished picture? We give you tips for good glass photos.

Only clean glass can be photographed well!

First of all, the simplest of all rules: Clean your glass to be photographed thoroughly before you put it on the screen. Often you can see more in a photo than in reality, maybe because photos let us take a closer look.

Remove all dust and fingerprints thoroughly. Use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Then rub your glass dry streak-free. With a polish you can remove superficial scratches.

Illuminate the glass well when taking pictures

Glass requires a particularly sophisticated illumination. A simple front-lightning without further precautions gives unwanted reflections and shadows. It is best to use several lamps that you place around the glass to perfectly illuminate the object.

For this you do not have to buy a professional lamp equipment, simple desk lamps with light spectrum close to daylight are also sufficient. It is recommended to light a lamp from the top of the glass and one from the side.

If you want to photograph a glass pane from the front, it is best to flash or illuminate it diagonally from the side, in order to avoid disturbing light reflections in the image. The own mirror image can be switched off by placing the camera at an angle to the object.

Use reflectors and black cardboard

Home-made reflectors from a rescue blanket, which are arranged diagonally to the left and diagonally to the right of the glass, create beautiful reflections that emphasize the glass contours. In addition, use one or more strips of black cardboard to hide specific reflections from the environment.

Tips & Tricks

A light tent provides practical help for photographing smaller glass objects. With this tool, the object can be specifically illuminated against a neutral background, even through the thin walls. A cheap light tent is already available from about 15 EUR.

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