Cleaning a glass roof - this is the easiest way to get it done

Glass roofs are usually used either as a canopy, such as a terrace, or as a roofing of a winter garden. As smooth as glass roofs are usually, but so tricky is their cleaning. And that should be done regularly. You can read about how you can best manage this here.

Cleaning glass roofs is like cleaning windows - only harder

Basically, all you have to do is clean your glass roof just like you do with your windows. In addition, you should let the cleaning take place as regularly as possible, since glass roofs look even with little traces of dirt extremely unattractive.

Depending on the height of your glass roof, you often come up with a ladder or with simple extensions of the cleaning equipment.

Although you can use a high-pressure cleaner on the outside to avoid unpleasant streaks, you should always pull the glass off afterwards.

The cleaning stands and falls with the cleaning agent

Water and dishwashing liquid is the classic for glass surfaces, but often does not dissolve dirt optimally, in particular soiling due to environmental influences can not always be easily removed.

Glass cleaner may be an alternative, depending on the quality, but you should always use the spray attachment for effective cleaning - the more foam, the better the cleaning result.

Auto-spray cleaning sprays are designed to work well even in hard-to-reach areas and leave very little streaks behind. They foam very strong and are usually well-behaved even with stubborn, high-fat and strongly adhering dirt. In some cases, they can be of real help.

Suitable detergents for glass are so

  • Water and detergent (the classic)
  • Glass cleaner for windows
  • Spray cleaner for car windows (often a good tip)

This is the easiest way to clean the glass roof surfaces

  • Water and / or
  • cleaning supplies
  • puller
  • if necessary sponge for application
  • Rag (or better several)
  • Renewals
  • ladder

1. Prepare for cleaning

Depending on whether you only want to clean a canopy, or clean the roof of your winter garden, you must first move or cover all moisture-sensitive objects under the glass roof. A dripping down can not be avoided here.

2. Apply detergent

With sponge and rinse water you can also work with an extension, if you want to work with finished cleaners, it is best to use a ladder. Here are also ladders that can be folded into a mini-scaffold.

Spray glass cleaner (or car window cleaner) strongly foaming on the glass surfaces and let them act as needed - and depending on the cleaner - for a few seconds until the foam settles.

3. Remove

Use the puller to pull the glass off in straight lines and wipe the puller dry in a rag at the end of each line. This is important so that there are no streaks.

You can also pull off a small area in a circular motion without removing the puller. For large glass surfaces, this professional window cleaner trick often helps to avoid streaks.

Tips & Tricks

Universal extension handles for almost all devices and tools can also be found in your hardware store. They can often be very useful not only in glass roof cleaning.

Video Board: GRawler - Glass roof cleaning crawler