Glass roof - the details count

Everyone has already seen a glass roof in a winter garden or a canopy. But what you do not see is often even more important with a glass roof. Again, you have to pay attention to the crucial details.

High yield of daylight

No skylight or glass dome can let in as much light as a glass roof. However, so that this light does not overheat the rooms, shading must also be planned.

Safety at the glass roof

Likewise, one has to think right at the planning stage of the most important detail of a glass roof, namely safety. For glass roofs, only certain types of glass may be used, as, of course, in the case of a break, the persons in the rooms underneath may not be injured.

Glass roof - the details count: count

A laminated safety glass, for example, usually consists of two glass panes, which are interconnected in the middle by a special film. If one of the glass panes breaks, the fragments nevertheless stick to the foil and in no case fall down.

Tinted glass or sunscreen

So that a glass roof does not overheat the room too much, there are appropriate shading products not only for inside and outside, but also specially coated types of glass. At the same time, the film which is introduced between the panes can also have refractive properties.

Important details for the glass roof soon

  • Safety due to shatterproof glass
  • Shading from inside or outside
  • Tinted glass against heat and foreign insights
  • Safe attachment of the glass

Tips & Tricks

Choosing the right profiles to hold the glass roof is also crucial. Today, special profiles are available that improve thermal insulation even more. However, since these cost more, you should check whether this is necessary in your case.

For example, in an unheated conservatory, which is only used in good weather, the investment makes no sense.

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