Sawing glass: what should be considered?

Small glass objects, such as bottlenecks, can be sawed by hand, but larger machines require a machine. In addition, appropriate know-how and often also exercise is required. Read here how to saw glass by hand and which electrical equipment is available.

Sawing glass by hand: That's how it works!

Use a standard jigsaw with a diamond wire clamped into it. Gently secure the glass object to be sawed in a vise, cushioning the fragile material with foam rubber or pieces of fabric.

Saw the glass with little pressure to create a clean cut. The sharp edges can then be smoothed well with sandpaper, so you do not cut it anymore.

The glass saws of the glassmakers

Modern glassmakers use two types of glass saws: the diamond glass saw and the artificial stone saw. The saw blades or wires have no saw teeth, they act more like a kind of abrasive that grind a recess in the material.

The Kunststeinglass saw has very narrow edges, sawn with a coarse-grained artificial stone grinding wheel. The diamond glass saw is made of brass or steel with diamond splinters firmly fused into it.

Glass saws are used in the glassmaking trade mainly to incorporate fittings in glass. This requires true tact and certainly a lot of practice.

Machines for glass sawing

For professional sawing of glass different machines are available. Multilayered glass can only be sawed, it can not be cut in and then broken.

  • Diamond composite glass saw as flex: suitable for straight cuts in laminated safety glass, also for glass plates of limited thickness, with rip fence, sliding plate with felt and protective cover, with diamond saw blade
  • Wet jigsaw: compressed air operated, limited cutting depth (around 20 mm), with diamond saw blade, for quick tool change
  • Cordless drill with glass saw: for clean sawing of tiles and glass, very handy, also suitable for miter cuts, with water tank for cooling

Alternative to glass sawing: cut glass

Only single-layer glass can be cut, preferably with a high-quality glass cutter. A cheap, inferior glass cutter causes an unclean cut, then the glass may break into pieces.

Cutting glass means sticking it in place and then breaking it. This requires a single, determined and clean cut. Then you break the object over the edge of the table.

Tips & Tricks

With a well-watered honing stone, the saw or break edges can be smoothed well after the glass has been completely cut.

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