Cut glass tiles clean

Glass tiles are particularly effective, but glass is harder to cut than ceramic tiles. Glass tapping with the right tool is just a matter of practice, provided you have the right tool. Below we inform you in detail about the special features when cutting glass tiles.

High quality and proper tool is almost a successful glass tile cut

Glass tiles are among the most noble-looking tiles. Even the Romans furnished their villas with glass mosaics. However, tiles in the traditional glass sizes are a product of our time. Do-it-yourselfers often shy away from glass tiles for fear that they will cut them wrong or that the glass will break when cut. In fact, more skill belongs to glass tile cutting compared to conventional ceramic tiles. But with the right tool you also have a good feel for cutting glass tiles. By no means should you save on the tool. Only with high quality tool you will get acceptable results.

Only conditionally suitable for glass tile cutting: the angle grinder with diamond cutting disc

Often other do-it-yourselfers recommend cutting glass tiles with an angle grinder and a diamond cutting disc. There are indeed glass tiles and glass mosaic stones that you can cut like that - but only conditionally. Cutting edges are most likely to be considered, which lie on the outside and are later covered by a skirting board. The problem: in principle, the glass is torn out of the glass bandage during cutting with the diamond disk, so it is practically ground out. This gives the glass finest micro-cracks at the cutting edge. They tarnish the glass a little and make it appear milky at the edges.

Cutting glass tiles perfectly also means sanding

Glass and tile cutters are more suitable with a high-quality cutting wheel. Only the surface is scratched, as with ceramic tiles. This will remove the tension from the surface and break the glass exactly along the scratched "cut". However, the glass does not always break evenly. Then, with visible cutting edges, machine the cut and break edges with sandpaper.

Otherwise, the wavy edge of the fracture may show through later and appear as if it has been split. Use a long-nosed pliers to break the glass. In breaking, the skill of successful breakup relies primarily on how well-proportioned they exercise power. But you do not just have to cut glass tiles to cut them. You may also need recesses for electrical outlets, light switches or on the floor for heating pipes.

Cut recesses and slots in glass tiles

To cut such recesses or slots in a glass cutting edge, you need a glass drill bit. The glass drill not only has to be of high quality, but should also be cooled with enough water. In the corners, you drill through the glass, between the holes you then scratch the glass with a glass or tile cutter and gently break it out with the long-nose pliers.

Recesses in the tile work similarly: at the corner points you drill with a glass drill through the glass, you can cut the cut between the holes here with angle grinder and diamond cutting disc. Here you can use a diamond cutting disc, since the cutting edge is later covered by the socket or light switch panel. However, keep in mind the maximum dimensions to actually stay under the bezel.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not cool a glass bur, it will dull in an instant. Ensure sufficient cooling water throughout the drilling process.

The breaking of glass tiles at the scribe line requires skill and practice. If you have never cut glass tiles, buy some more glass tiles and here you can cut and then break the glass tiles until you are sure. Of course you can also practice cutting and drilling recesses and slots here.

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