Smoothing glass with the help of a foil: a guide

Reflections on glass can be really annoying, especially on shop windows, which are supposed to offer an unobstructed view. But even in private homes sometimes comes the desire to anti-glare a glass surface, for example, on the display case or the monitor. There are special foils, whose use we explain here.

Technical glass reflection

In industrial glass processing, thermal and electrical processes for the antireflection of glass are suitable. The surface is provided with a special anti-reflection coating, which is distributed and solidified by means of heat or electricity.

Properties of antireflective sheeting

Anti-reflection films are also suitable for anti-reflection of monitors and touch displays. The touch sensitivity is usually included, in addition, the films are color neutral and can be removed without residue. Fingerprints are no longer so annoying and the glass is protected from scratches.

Instructions for anti-glare glass

  • glass cleaner
  • soft cotton rag
  • rubber gloves
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • anti-reflection film
  • plastic squeegee
  • scissors

1. Thoroughly clean the glass

Clean the glass surface of dust and grease using the soft cotton cloth and glass cleaner. Let everything dry well.

2. Cut the foil

Cut your slide with the weight exactly to the right size. Use for measuring and mark centimeter measure and pencil.

3. Wear rubber gloves

So you do not leave any further fingerprints on the glass, work with gloves at the latest from now.

4. Glue the foil to the glass

Adhesive film should be removed slowly from the backing paper during the gluing process. Press the foil piece by piece with the plastic squeegee to prevent blisters. When using adhesive film, first apply the surfactant-containing adhesive solution to the surface.

5. Sweep bubbles out

Already when attaching the film you should pay close attention to sweep all air bubbles to the outside. If there are still bubbles remaining, it may be worthwhile reworking with your fingertips. But do not use your fingernails!

Tips & Tricks

Use the cutting service of the manufacturer of your anti-reflective film: Cleanly cut films simply look better. This is especially worthwhile for the coating of large glass surfaces.

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