Paint the glass yourself

Painting glass: DIY for a great decoration

Paint the glass yourself: paint

Painting glass is a beautiful and varied hobby. If you want to paint glass, you need the right glass of stains depending on your personal goal. For a seasonal DIY decoration that only has to last a few weeks, simple acrylic paints are enough.

But if you want to paint the glass with dishwasher-safe utensils, he definitely needs special glass crayons or glass paints and matching brushes. Also the well-known colorful window decorations with elastic Window Color pictures belong to the wide range of this hobbies.

The stained glass in the style of old stained glass windows, however, is an elaborate art in which very different materials and especially colors are used, such as Glass enamel paints, which receive their actual luminosity only in the kiln, But that would go beyond this already multifaceted topic.

Possible work materials for glass painting


  • Bottles, canned glasses, waste glass
  • Acrylic paints, varnishes, spray paints
  • brush
  • Selfglue

Since nothing should be created for eternity, it does not matter whether the result is waterproof or even abrasion resistant. There are many possibilities and ideas: for example, a Christmas tealight holder, a vase for the Easter bouquet or a glass for a small arrangement can be created as a souvenir.

Nice With a very simple Edding pen small patterns can be drawn on glasses or dab. In addition to the mere painting of the glass can also be glued, wrapped or scratched - just as you like.

Very beautiful glasses can also be designed with stencils made of paper or self-adhesive film. Whether it is a firework of colors or an elegant minimalist design is preferred, is a matter of taste.

It is essential to allow the painted glass to dry completely before taking another step, such as pasting or filling. As long as the paint is not completely dry, they blur very easily or rub off easily.

Paint the glass yourself: yourself

Stick on a simple motif from the inside and repaint.

Paint the glass yourself: glasses

After drying, add more decorations.

Paint glass: waterproof

Not dishwasher safe or permanently abrasion resistant, but Glass becomes waterproof for a while when painted with paint or spray paint, For example, if you want to paint a lantern for a balcony or terrace for an Easter season, paint is a good choice.

Paint the glass yourself: yourself

Even without baking dishwasher safe

Paint the glass: dishwasher safe

  • Glasmalstifte
  • Glass that can be heated
  • Brushes of different strengths
  • Cutter or scalpel
  • Selfglue
  • adhesive film
  • thrush
  • stippling

Depending on the color used the glass must be fixed in the oven after paintingn. Therefore, the glass itself should also be suitable for the necessary temperatures in the oven.

If you do not just want to start freehand, you can choose a motif or pattern (eg wrapping paper, print templates from the internet, magazines, etc.). This is then placed behind the glass and drawn from the front and painted.

Another possibility is to cut a template (StencilI) with a cutter or a scalpel. It will placed on the glass from the outside and fixed with Tesafilm or already cut out of self-adhesive film. Through the openings of the template, the glass paint can now be spotted with a small sponge, a Stupfpinsel or the like.

Paint the glass yourself: glass

Stick a spiral of Tesafilm and paint.

Paint the glass yourself: yourself

Dab blue clouds with a brush.

If everything that should be painted on the glass is ready, it must first dry according to the manufacturer's instructions (eg 24 hours). Then the glass goes into the oven with his painting. Always start in the cold oven and best use a silicone baking pad, When the given time is over, switch off the oven and let everything in the oven cool down completely. Thereafter, the glass objects are water resistant or even dishwasher safe.


If you do not want to cut the stencil yourself or you just do not have a knack for it, you get a lot of templates for small money in the trade, which can also be reused.

Paint the glass yourself: yourself

The next day it goes into the oven - to 150 degrees.

Paint the glass yourself: paint

The dishwasher-proof balcony decoration in blue and white is ready.

Paint glass: with children

Depending on the age of the children, for example, window colors are an option, because the templates are laid flat on the table and are applied to the glass only after drying. These window pictures are removable again. For smaller children definitely a good choice, The contours can be pre-drawn with the contour paste by an adult or larger child and small children can fill the areas with paint.

Paint the glass yourself: paint

With Window Colors children can easily decorate glass.

If the children are a bit taller and more adept in motor skills, they are glass pencils or too Glasspainting pencils a great tool for beginners and at the same time a good start when tinkering with glass. Names and contours can be easily repainted and lead to very pretty results in a short time. For example, you can paint a custom glass for relatives or friends, such as at Christmas or a birthday.

Another possibility is that Designing subjects with outline paste similar to Window Colors, just on glass. The applied fields can then be painted with the brush.


Please do not use thin, delicate glasses while crafting with children. The little ones do not think of the fragility and can easily hurt themselves. You can also paint transparent plastic cups instead of glass, Of course, they are not dishwasher safe. A guide at the beginning and a few rules (for example, the glasses must remain on the table), provide additional security.

Paint the glass yourself: glasses

A tea for every season in self-painted glasses.

Paint the glass yourself: paint

Stencils can also be very simple.

Paint glass: with nail polish

So that each of the guests recognizes his glass at a party, each glass can get the name or a small motif painted with nail polish on his glass. Also, when it comes to a temporary decoration on glass, nail polishes and nail polish removers come into question.

The expensive decanter bottle may then be painted a santa hat. After the festive meal, the motif is simply wiped again with nail polish remover, Just as you treat the party glasses: wipe with nail polish remover until the paint is completely gone and then wash the glasses as normal.


Please do not do with frosted glass, the rough surface can cause problems or damage when removing the paint.

Paint the glass yourself: glass

Write name and let dry.

Paint the glass yourself: yourself

Clean with nail polish remover.

Is it possible to paint glass and provide porcelain or stainless steel with the same patterns?

Many of the available colors are suitable for all smooth surfaces and are dishwasher safe after fixing. The Porcelain painting is as easy as painting glass.

A beautiful porcelain saucer, a tea glass, a long teaspoon and a screw jar, with a nice mixture of tea - all painted with the same pattern or initials - a nice gift set. A ceramic pot and a glass vase with matching motifs make a harmonious arrangement.

Paint glass: with chalk pencils

Paint the glass yourself: glasses

Wipeable chalk sticks (chalk markers)

Actually, the pens are intended for a whiteboard or for the labeling of shop windows and advertising stands. Since they are wipeable, they are very nice to paint on windows, Whether it's stars in winter or easter eggs and rabbits for Easter, it does not matter. Once the party is over, everything is washed off and decorated again.

It is especially nice to paint windows and other glass for children with these pencils. For example, the large mirror in the hallway may also be used to promote childish creativity. The same mirror will be with these chalk markers to a happy welcome sign or painted with a spooky Halloween bug.

Ideas for a decorative glass painting

  • Seasonal lanterns or topics such as "maritime" or "football" etc.
  • Vases look especially nice if you get tendrils or abstract patterns. But always a bit reserved, because the flowers play the main role.
  • Drinking glasses can be provided with initials or motifs to hobby or motto. Funny are also motifs on the glass bottom.
  • Storage jars get a great look when they get a strip of tablecloth or foil and are labeled with chalk pens. Alternatively, logos such as flour u. Ä. With Glasmalstiften be applied directly to the glasses.
  • Glass bowls become pretty with small patterns or floral motifs to eye catchers on the breakfast table or as a shell for jewelry or dried flowers.
  • Decorate bottles nicely and fill them up nicely. For coffee liqueur, coffee beans are the perfect choice, while chilli oil offers red chili peppers.
  • Flacons with their own initials look precious and noble. It is important to work very clean.
  • For example, windows are painted with chalk markers in the summer, or fir branches painted in winter.
  • Decorate pots (orchid pots) made of glass or porcelain with beautiful motifs and fill as a pen holder or candy jar and give away.
  • The glass of an object frame can also be painted and thus contribute to the three-dimensionality of the small work of art.
  • Mirrors get a completely new look through a beautiful frame of flowers and leaves in country style or a graphic ornament in Art Deco style.
  • Glass bowls with fruit motifs look very decorative even without filling.
  • Screw-on glasses become savings boxes. You will be painted like an English phone booth, like an aquarium or a glass of beer. The screw cap with a slot provided (nail and hammer are helpful). A homemade paper label over lid and glass gluing as a seal.
  • Drinking glasses offer thousands of possibilities. From personalized glass to a Tiffany effect, everything is possible. It is best to orient oneself on the own taste or on the one to be gifted. Remembering the interests and hobbies helps to find ideas.

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