Cover glasses - preserve style

If only the family is gathered around the table, it often does not matter whether the table was perfectly set. But when things are going to be finer, on important occasions or when high attendance is expected, the glasses should not only be perfectly selected, but also perfectly placed in the right place.

Installation variable

There are two variants to set up the glasses. However, the position is always clear, because the glasses belong to the free space above the knives, so at the top of the right side of the plate. Left-handers are still not taken into account today when it comes to the correct coverslipping of the table.

Variant in series

If the glasses are to be placed in a row, stand in the order of their use. The glasses are arranged in an oblique line. Above the knife for the main course is the first glass. The other glasses are then arranged obliquely in a line at 45 degrees.

The advantage over the variant triangle is the variable number of glasses that are possible. Thus, in addition to the glass of water, the white wine glass and the red wine glass also a glass for a sherry or another sweet dessert wine can be arranged.

Variant triangle

The Triangle variant is normally only used if you need exactly three glasses. But again there are two possibilities, because the apex of the triangle can point both downwards and upwards. In any case, the white wine glass is placed over the knife again. The other two glasses stand like an isosceles triangle offset above or below.

This variant is often used when there is relatively little space on the table for the many components of the covering. The glasses can be covered in a relatively small space but handsome.

Tips & Tricks

Before important events, find out if your glasses are still in line with today's style. For example, there used to be a lot of confusion when it comes to red and white wine glasses. Even the very unusual champagne flutes or flutes without feet are long gone.

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