Making glasses - creating a variety of decorations

With old jam, sausage or chocolate cream glasses can be implemented great deco ideas. Individual lanterns or objects that glow in the dark can be made from the free glasses. Here is an overview of how to make objects for different purposes from old glasses.


With different colors, you can easily paint a glass from the outside. If the color is to cover particularly well, the glass is lightly sanded before painting. Often it is enough to decorate the glass with a Dremel or a similar grinder easily in stylish wave patterns or checks.

The etching method works similarly. Here, an etching medium is applied to the glass with a brush. Where the etching has taken place, the glass becomes rough and opaque. To decorate a glass with napkin technique, only a little transfer glue and the upper decorative layer of a napkin is used. Again, you should work from the outside when the glass is used as a lantern.

lighting glasses

The glass does not necessarily have to be lit by a lantern, it can shine a little bit by itself. For this purpose, it is coated from the outside with a noctilucent color. Again, however, you should paint a certain pattern. If the glass is completely covered with the paint, it does not shine so strongly. Put the glass on the window during the day and enjoy the atmospheric light at night.

Luminous glasses the 2.

Thanks to the modern small LEDs, there are today particularly fine fairy lights. You can wrap these in a glass and decorate the border with a matching wide gift ribbon. Behind this ornament, the rest of the cable can be well concealed, so that the fairy lights can be connected to the power.

Tips & Tricks

For lanterns and old mason jars are great. On the one hand, they can handle the heat well, and on the other hand, they usually have a lid that allows you to quickly and safely extinguish the tealight if needed. Especially for the variant with the fairy lights, these glasses are ideal, since they already have a wide edge on which makes a loop well.

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