Make glasses from bottles in just 5 steps

Do not like the cheap glasses in the shops? Or you have found very special wine bottles that you do not like to throw away. Whether as a drinking glass or as a stylish flower vase, bottles can be transformed into practical glasses in just five steps. What's in our step by step guide.

Make glasses from bottles step by step

  • cotton cord
  • Lighter fluid
  • cold water
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Working gloves leather
  • lighter
  • ruler
  • pencil

1. Marking and Preparing

If there are still labels on the bottle, these are first replaced with warm water and detergent. The labels must be removed, otherwise they could catch fire when the bottle is separated and the cut will go awry.

On the bottle, draw the same height in at least two places where the bottle should be removed.

2. Cotton ribbon

The band should really really consist of 100% cotton. Put it around the bottle and knot it. Then the tape is pushed down again, but the knot stays inside. Soak the ribbon with the lighter fluid. The tape is held at the knot, which is not soaked with.

3. Hang up the tape

The soaked tape is pushed back onto the bottle. Make it mandatory next to a source of water! Pay attention to your mark on the bottle so that the tape sits evenly. Be sure to wear work gloves made of leather. Light the tape and turn the bottle to make the fire run around the bottle.

4. Crack

While the fire is drawing around the bottle, you will usually hear a violent crack at some point. Once the fire is around and the bottle has cracked, cold water is channeled over the fire. At this point, the bottle usually breaks all by itself. Otherwise, you can help a little bit and knock something on the spot with a wooden spoon.

5. Grinding

Sand the edge with very fine sandpaper or if you have a fine tip on a dremel. This should be done thoroughly from all directions.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use too thin bottles, these would break out later on the edge. Although thin bottles look very classy and stylish, they are not practical as drinking glasses later.

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