Mark glasses - without residues

Even at a small party, the number of glasses quickly becomes confusing. Which glass then belongs to which guest is often no longer to be determined. So that you do not spend the evening with the rinsing of glasses, instead of celebrating at your own party, there are different ways to mark the glasses.

Brackets and clamps

There are several markings that are simply clamped over the edge of the glass. These can be small mini clothespins or even cute little animals made of rubber. With these colorful markings, however, you often do not come across a large number of different markings.

There were no more than twelve colors in any of the below mentioned sets of markings.

  • snails
  • clinch
  • pineapple
  • sharks
  • Little monsters

Label and personalize

To mark a glass beyond doubt, you can use a special glass crayon to write down the name of the guest on the glass. In the craft supplies you will find markers for glasses, which are later to be removed again during normal washing. The highlight of the markers is that they are usually in the set with several colors. So you are not set for the drinks on a contrasting color. The red wine fan simply gets a white lettering and the guest with the Pina Colada in his hand a dark color.


The markings with the glass marker pens are easy to wash off again. If the mark does not dissolve immediately in lukewarm rinse water, you can wash off the remains with a microfibre cloth again.

cheap version

If it is not exactly the most expensive crystal glasses that should be used, you can also use old nail polish as a marker. But first test your special paint on an old glass and do not forget to remove with nail polish remover to see if this paint can be removed without residue. In most cases, the paint goes off but even by itself in the washing-up water.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to buy small animals that mark your glasses anyway, you should think of a double benefit. For example, there are snails in different colors, which also serve as a tea bag holder. So the teabag can no longer drown in hot water.

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