Freeze glasses - without bursting!

When freezing plastic bags and plastic cans are usually very popular. If you do not like these products, there is only one way to store them in the freezer. But most users do not dare to freeze glass. Nothing can happen with the right procedure and the glass remains intact in the freezer.

Prevent bursting

Glasses that withstand heat are also amazingly good at freezing food inside. Because of their heat resistance and their straight shape, cook-in glasses are therefore the best glasses to freeze. If they are not in the house, you can also use jam jars or other jars that contain durable foods. The straighter the glasses, the more durable they are in the freezer. In addition, it is important that the opening is as far as possible and the glass has a screw cap.

  • big opening
  • Screw cap or lintel
  • round and straight
  • jars

Liquid in the glass

The less liquid in the glass that is to be frozen, the easier it is to freeze. Pieces of frozen food form small cavities that prevent your frozen food from bursting the glass. In this case, it does not matter whether you lay down or stand the glass when freezing.

Porridge or liquid

If the remaining chicken soup or applesauce are frozen in portions, this is also possible with a little more effort in glasses. In this case, the glasses should be filled only about three quarters. This will prevent the contents from expanding so much that your glass will burst in the freezer. You should also have the glass freeze while standing.

Thawing glasses

So that the shock is not too big, the glass is ideally placed in the fridge first. If the lid sits loosely on the glass, you can turn it off slightly or lift it up and hang it up again. Under no circumstances should you run hot water over the glass to accelerate thawing.

Tips & Tricks

Play it safe when you first put only cling film over the opening and secure it with a good rubber band. Only after freezing the contents of the lintel or the screw cap is loosely pushed onto the glass. The cling film is retained. Instead of cling film absolute opponents of plastic but also bread paper or baking paper can use.

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